Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Big things.....

I seem to be buying "big things" at the moment.....this cabinet was in two pieces when I saw it and naively thought it a standard size, but put together it is a towering 7ft tall and quite dramatic.

The big toile cushion on the left is my latest addition from the lovely Jo at Hesta Nesta who has been updating her website with gorgeous goodies at very reasonable prices.

A huge white bowl and two large meat plates have been added to the white china collection in the kitchen courtesy of the Fleamarket in Malvern....( for the sharp eyed amongst you, they are not my knickers jammed in the laundry room door, but an ever growing pile of white lace edge tableclothes that need soaking and washing!)

A couple of large, blue and white meat plates, both damaged......

This one is enormous, complete with a gravy well depression.....

I could just imagine it coming from a farm or large house where they had to feed a lot of people.

Someone has obviously treasured it too a long time ago, as it has been well riveted and an incredible, homemade metal contraption attached to hang it on the wall.....

Quite ingenious.....

Can I finally say a "big" thank you to those who take the time to leave comments and to my new followers.
I am terribly guilty of not replying individually, so big apologies!
Off to look at a "big" old pine dresser this morning that might be ideal for my new plates...will keep you posted.
Hope you all have an enjoyable week,
Julie x


  1. That is stunning, love the big white bowl and dishes too. They look super in your fabulous space.

  2. Wonderful items, love the large dresser, hopefully you will show us when its had a makeover.. love those cushion too x

  3. Love it all, but especially the cushions and bench. I really need to get the paintbrush out and do some tinkering ... it's been a while and our house really is starting to look the wrong side of shabby!

  4. Oh Julie, there's nothing I don't like! The dresser is fabulous - and it would just fit in my house ;o) You'd have to hide all that metalwork if you lived around here - any one of the four or five scrap men we get a week (!) would take it off your hands! LOL The plates are brilliant, and you are quite right about looking after it and feeding lots of folk. Last week, I just (seconds too late) missed a similar one at the charity shop, I spotted it just as she threw it in a bin and smashed it completely as it was crazed !!! I was horrified :o(

  5. You say they aren't your knickers.....

    Nice to see you have the same Butchers block as me....except yours looks lovely and chic and mine ...well....doesn't:-(

  6. Hi Julie, I love all your new purchases,especially the blue and white platters.I love your butchers block too. Your home looks gorgeous. Thanks for the lovely comments, love Linda x

  7. The cabinet looks lovely Julie, it is huge! Can't wait to see the pine dresser, will you leave it pine or do a F&B paint job on it? Love the blue and white plates.
    Jo xx

  8. I am loving Jo's cushions, might have to pay her a visit! The cabinet is gorgeous, just think how many pairs of drawers you can cram in there! lol!!!

  9. You cant fool me Julie . . . . any excuse to show us your smalls, I know you are an exhibitionist at heart !!!
    H xx

  10. I absolutely love rivetted china. It certainly must have been quite a skilled job to do that without breaking it and to think people would sa ve it up for when the man came to their village mending crockery. It's all lovely; you can't beat blue and white china, french gray and red toile cushions!

  11. Hello Julie

    I love your white bowl and meat plates which I see will also come in handy when there are a lot of folks to feed.

    Am I right in thinking; that is a Swedish sofa?

    Best wishes

  12. I just adore your taste.
    Peaceful, old world and gentle.......

  13. Dear Julie,
    I just love everything in this post, especially the jammed knickers, I mean table clothes... :-) The dresser may be tall, but it it SO beautiful! And the bench with the cushions from lovely Hesta Nesta - just lovely.

    Again a huge thank you for popping in to see me, I really appreciate your kind words and just wish I had the time to visit my dear blog friends more often... But I guess it is like that for all of us at times, with limited time resources... Anyway, I'm rambling on... Hope you are well and good luck with all your fairs!