Monday, 15 August 2011


Well, this is the old pine dresser as promised.....

Two panelled cupboards and three drawers with chunky knob handles on the bottom half and a fancy detail to the top half......

The base I know is older than the top which is often the case, but the pine colours have mellowed and they do actually look a good match.

 However, I am not a great lover of pine and have been thinking about painting it. Not a solid paint job with lots of layers.... but more of a subtle wash in an old green or blue/grey.

This inspirational collage from The Paper Mulberry got me thinking....

Bringing things slightly up to date perhaps and away from the 1980's Laura Ashley days ( which I remember so well!) of pine dressers and chintz.

I must say, it has been great for displaying my next lot of stock for sale as I price it, instead of putting it straight in a box......or in other words....."playing shops"

I will be at The Summer Fair at Hexham this weekend with my usual small pieces of furniture, cushions, fabric pictures, vintage glass and the big blue dresser too if I can get it all in the Land Rover.
I did say in my last post it was 7ft tall, however, I have re measured it and it is actually 7ft 9ins......oops, think I am going to need the trailer!

Apologies for the wonky pictures... its my dodgy photography..... not the cupboard......

Bye for now,
Julie x


  1. That is a corker and although I love to paint the more modern orangey pine I can't bring myself to cover the real old pine. Just collected an old shop display unit that has been painted and I am cock-a-hoop as it only cost £5.50 from a well known auction site .... I haven't got a clue where I'm going to put it but I had to have it! Thanks for the tip on the little cup on my last post .... I've searched my Coysh books to no avail. Wish I was nearer your part of the world .... good luck at Hexham x

  2. Love the idea of a muted wash, it will look fantastic. Makes me want to rip out my units and have a kitchen of freestanding, reclaimed pieces! Hope you have been having a lovely summer? Bx

  3. I love that slim blue dresser!!!!! As for your gorgeous pine dresser, blue grey sounds divine! My Husband built me one for the kitchen and I painted it in Farrow and Ball Stony Ground, a pretty grey-ish warm stone shade, may be worth a look? Thank you so much for the lovely link by the way, so kind! Warmest wishes from a fellow Land Rover (Defender) driver! Glenda xxx

  4. Lovely items I love them all, I agree, I am loving stripped pine at the moment but not the orange 80's type, so a blue wash would look great.

    I don't know how you part with these things that dresser would stay in my house :) x

  5. Gorgeous dresser and I love the pictures in the collage, I would be very tempted to paint the dresser the same way as the one in the picture. Looks like you've got lots of lovelies for sale, I love the little wicker basket with the hearts in.
    Jo xx

  6. we have a pine dresser fitted here in the kitchen which is original to the house (1871).

    In the early 1970s it was painted chippy white gloss and I just SO wanted it stripped in 1993 Mark spent ages getting the paint and scumble varnish off by hand, causing him to nearly be hospitalised with an asthma attack from the vapours :(

    Now I'd love it painted again but have I dared to suggest it?

    In the end I compromised by painting the lower front and doors, but I know it would look SO good with a better paint job!

    Hope you have a good fair

  7. What a beautiful dresser, I am sure you will make a great job of painting it. Thank you for the link to The Paper Mulberry - what a truly beautiful blog, I spent ages rummaging through it!

  8. I love to play shops its wonderful isn't it?!
    A lovely display as usual, good luck at the fair.
    T X

  9. Hope you have a really busy fair Julie,
    Love Helen

  10. Hello Julie
    I have to agree, stripped pine has passed its prime. Still, it can be tough to make the decision whether to paint or not. So, I think the inspirational look from the Paper Mulberry may be the middle way. Alternatively, go for grey.


  11. Hi Julie! Thank you so much for the kind wishes - we'll have to swap notes, with the houses being the same date and our mutual love/obsession for Land Rover Defenders (mine's a green CWS!) I think we have rather a lot in common! Hugs - Glenda xxxxxx

  12. Oh and I forgot - we have an Aga too!

  13. Hi Julie, well done on selling the blue cupboard. I love your pine dresser, it would be wonderful in a blue grey colour. What will you display on it? I just love dressers. My first mum-in-law, who was Welsh, has the most amazing Welsh Oak Dresser, with drawers in the bottom and brass knobs. It is the most gorgeous colour and she displays old blue and white on it. Thanks for your lovely comments about my party, I had a great time and was glad that I made the effort. Much love, Linda x