Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Pine makeover and an eidy...

I bought an unusual pine display cabinet with dovetail drawers the other day...the shelves on one side longer than the other for added quirkiness I suppose.

Nicely made and a nice shape with potential for an F&B paint job.

So..... a light sand and a quick test of F&B Lamp Room Gray on the bottom corner to see what it would look volia....

Three coats later and a final seal with a dirty wax glaze.

Then move into position behind the sofa temporarily and decorate with bits and pieces.

As usual I am tempted to keep everything I buy, however, I think this one will be destined for a Fair eventually as I am fast running out of space.

This pretty, feather eiderdown however is definitely on its way to a Fair this Sunday at   Carlisle

Between a single and a double size....54 ins x 64 ins with a pink background and floral bouquet detail.

A peachy pink frill edge and double heart centre.

 Nice and clean...from a good home  (hmm..... sounds like I am re-homing a dog! )

If anyone is interested beforehand it is £65 plus P&P

Julie x


  1. Love the shelves, especially once transformed by your fair hands. I would so love to buy the eiderdown, but everyone in our house (apart from me) is fiercely allergic to fur and feather. How inconsiderate of them to ruin my interior decor plans...

  2. I have never seen shelves with draws before but I like it and especially now you have painted it, like you I would find it very hard parting with items :) x

  3. I think that set of shelves is definitely a keeper Julie, it looks perfect behind your sofa, and I love the colour.
    Jo xx

  4. Oh Julie you are sooooooooh clever!!
    Designer like in fact . . . . . . . .
    Love Helen xx

  5. What a gorgeous paint job you have done on those shelves. They were nice before, but now they are fabulous. Well done. xxx

  6. Love the shelves - nice colour.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  7. I was not keen on the shelves until you worked your magic on them.... I love them now!
    Gorgeous eidy, sure to get snapped up at that price. Must catch up soon xx

  8. Julie amazing, like something a little
    anonymous, with some color changes
    a real beauty! very good
    a hug
    Suzy x

  9. Very nice shelves love the colour you painted them. The eidy is very pretty wish I could find a home for it.Love Jillxx

  10. Just adding my admiration of the transformed shelves, I'm sure the eiderdown was sold in a flash.
    I'm really enjoying your blog, thank you.
    Georgie xx