Thursday, 15 September 2011

Patches, pictures, pots and boots.....

A star patchwork cushion cover, a 1940's embroidered cottage garden picture, a large Emma Bridgewater serving bowl and 6 tiny, hand painted plates provide a bit of colour this morning.

The bowl is from the E B Collectors Club collection with pretty sponged hearts on the inside and also around the outside....lovely for salad or pasta.

These little French plates have a sweet, naive quality with their quick brushstrokes of blue and red..... 1920's with a printed mark...Atelier Primevera.

A typical 1940's embroidered picture on fine linen of a garden with a terrace and steps leading to a lily pond. The flowers are all done in different stitches.

And a patchwork cushion cover, beautifully made with diamonds pieces creating a star pattern.

At the other end of the colour scale and in the muted corner is this quirky, 1940's embroidered picture of girl, waggling her finger and the words......

Oh no John...NO!

The mount and linen are quite foxed, but I still think it is a great piece.

A pair of the tiniest little child's Jodphur boots, well worn, but oh so cute....I can just see a little one on a Shetland pony.... Thelwell style.....

And another patchwork cushion cover  from the same hand I would think...this time, hexagons in muted colours

The inside of these cushions are quite a work of art.....

For someone to be able to cut out and sew these scraps of fabric into a pattern is admirable and gets my approval every time, whether it is vintage or modern patchwork.....I just wouldn't have the patience.

Enjoy the rest of the week...I am getting ready for Rheged on Sunday....pricing, packing...the usual preparation before a Fair. Boring....I much prefer the set up and display!

Back soon,
Julie x


  1. The French blue, red and white plates are very pretty! I love linen garden embroideries, I am also looking out for them.
    Isabelle x

  2. Hello Julie:
    We love the painted plates. As you say, they have a wonderfully simple motif which makes them perfect, in our view, for informal, alfresco dining arrangements.

    We agree about the patience and skill needed to create the stitched covers and pictures. We have neither and would be hopeless. Good luck with the fair!

  3. Hi Julie
    The little embroidered picture scolding John is stunning, I think the foxing possibly adds to its charm
    Go luck with the upcoming fair
    Helen xx

  4. I love the Emma Bridgewater bowl, it is stunning, am a real fan of her pottery. Good luck for the fair on've motivated me to get pricing and packing for my upcoming fairs.
    Jo xx

  5. What lovely things, particularly like the little plates and the sweet picture. Childs boots and shoes are always a favourite of mine too and I seem to be amassing quite a collection! M x

  6. we are obviously on the same wavelength here, but my favorite part of a fair is selling! even though I miss some of the items.....along with acouple that I'm pleased to be rid off.

  7. You have something for everyone here Julie.

    The little blue girl looks to be a bit of a tease. My favourites, though, are the French plates. I think they are charming.

    Good luck with the fair.


  8. Such pretty things! I'm not normally a fan of Emma Bridgewater, but the dish is lovely :o)
    Hope the sale goes well for you.
    Best wishes
    Rose H

  9. Hi Julie, a lovely collection of objects. I love the little boots. I wonder what John was doing the naughty boy! Thankyou for the ticking, it's great. There is more of it than I thought so I may make a couple of window blinds for the kitchen instead. I have been seeing ticking everywhere...I went to see Jane Eyre at the cinema and they had black and white ticking on the bed matresses at Lowoood School. I might post about it. Have a good day on Sunday, love Linda x

  10. Everything is so pretty! Handpainted and handstitched are always a wonderful find. Enjoy the day. Tammy

  11. Hi Julie, I hope you are feeling satisfied with your day's business? Thankyou for your visit and lovely comments. Yes, I had the old underlay that was under the carpet, cut to fit. It is quite thick and rubbery, so it gives the linen a bit of bulk. I had a fitter from a local carpet shop do it for me, as I didn't want to risk me messing it up! Have a great week, love Linda x

  12. What a colorful and joyful post!
    Love the little embroidered pictures and the girl on one of them is really quirky!
    Just lovely!

    Best wishes for a good start to the week and
    greetings from the Périgord,

  13. Hope you had a good fair on Sunday Julie. The jodphur boots are fabulous, they remind me of my first pair....wish I had kept them now!
    Abby xx