Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Worth getting up for.....

A small Victorian box with the original paper lining.....

A selection of  frayed edge, embroidered mats in varying shades of red......

A very large serving spoon.....

A drawstring cotton bag with an attached lead seal which once held tobacco.

The front gives the details of the tobacco company....Hartley and Son, Vaalbank, Transvaal, with the added instructions "To report to us if you find the lead seal has been tampered with"

Health and Safety would certainly approve of that one.

Unlike the reverse, which is an endorsement of the Hartley Tobacco....

A well known medical practitioner writes :-

"I have met lots of men who swear by your Tobacco and I myself, a Medical Practitioner, after a sufficiently long personal trial of it, have recommended it widely to my patients"

How we have moved on from 100 years ago.....unlike today's cigarette packets with their blunt message...smoking kills!

Finally, a lovely turkey red and white country quilt with simple, hand stitched quilting.....

And an almost hidden repair...... which I didn't see until I started taking the photos.

So..... all worth getting up for at 4am on a Sunday with an hour and a half drive to Cumbria in the horrible dark?

I know, I must be mad.!

Enjoy your week,
Julie x


  1. The box is a tremendous find! Love the quilt - the repair makes it even more precious in my opinion.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  2. What a gorgeous box - I love the story too!

  3. I love the advert on the bag...oh and I love the box how fabulous! does it smell good too all musty and intriguing, the best is the inside I would have to have it open of course its so, so, Jane Eyre...well worth getting up for in fact there is nothing there amongst all of your super buys that I do not like.. you have a wonderful eye for things, and I love your taste/style
    Hugs Lynn xxx
    Hugs Lynn xxx

  4. Gorgeous quilt Julie, I love red and white, it is stunning. Definitely worth getting up early for.
    Jo xx

  5. I think I see an early Christmas feeling about your red and white finds. Sorry to mention that word so early. Even the serving spoon would look lovely with a red ribbon. I admit to being a silver collector, so, the spoon is what I would come home with.


  6. There is something so special about handsewn pieces, so personal. I love the quilt especially for that reason. You are made of tough stuff doing that drive! Hope it goes really well, Bx

  7. I LOVE it all. I would happily do without a night's sleep if I thought I would come home with those treasures! M x

  8. What lovely finds Julie. I am really intrigued with the tobacco pouch, I have never seen such a thing...totally fascinating. The red and white quilt is gorgeous, almost better with a little repair, in my opinion. Well done! Love Linda x

  9. Definitely worth a 4am start, just love everything xx

  10. Well the early bird catches the worm, or in your case lots of lovely goodies. I'm always envious of the things you seem to find but now I know why! 4 am - urgh!
    Ruth x

  11. Great finds Julie, love the quilt! xx

  12. Crazy . . . crazy woman!!!
    Love H xx

  13. Lovely Victorian box, and the quilt is wonderful!

    Best wishes for a sunny weekend,

  14. That is an ungodly hour to leave the warmth of one's bed but I bet once on the road you realize you are not the only one up and about and it is truly beautiful to see the sunrise and what wonderful finds too.
    I love the quilt
    Helen xx

  15. Lovely box; lovely blog; particularly liked the spongeware pottery in your previous post. Great finds.

  16. Hi Julie, many thanks for your comments on my black and white post. I should have included your favourite team shirt. I have a couple of connections to it in my family...one of my sister's friends is from Newcastle and is a mad footie fan and has smitten my sis with her madness, so much so, that she named her black and white Collie, Geordie!

    My other sis, is engaged to a geordie lad, and my cousins hubby is a geordie, so I am surrounded! Glad you liked the pics though. I have made 2 blinds for the kitchen with my ticking today, they look great. Will post soon. Love Linda x