Friday, 30 September 2011

Little red......

Early this morning I was greeted with a lovely little red squirrel running across the garden path.
By the time I had grabbed the camera he was away up the oak tree.
Usually they jump from tree to tree searching for autumnal food, but this time he decided to come back down....

Obviously as I am not a proper wildlife photographer with a zoom lens...he is a little difficult to see and so blooming fast too...

However, if you click on the photo it should enlarge sufficiently to see that he is quite a handsome chap.

Dark ginger with a lovely black tail....

Probably a young squirrel as he looks to be in fine condition...

Off and away across the boulders....

And round the side of the house to another oak tree in the front garden......

We are lucky to live in an area that still has a population of reds (albeit small) and I feel privileged to have them so close to the house, however the threat of the greys is still there, competing for food and carrying a virus that is deadly to the little reds. 
Just this Spring there were increased sightings of grey squirrels in the vicinity, probably young males in search of new territory.
This prompted our local red squirrel protection society to issue humane traps which I took delivery of having spotted a big grey running along our fence.
However, the only thing I have caught so far is a belligerent hedgehog who refused to uncurl...I had to shake it out in the finish!

Hope you have a glorious weekend...from  lovely, sunny Northumberland...

Bye for now,
Julie x


  1. Love the final shot... very cute!!!

  2. That is so amazing, was just saying to Abby, that it is very sad about our red squirrel, I'm really happy, they are managing to survive near you, just wonderful. Have a lovely weekend xx

  3. He is certainly a handsome chap! I've never seen a red squirrel but we have plenty of grey ones here in Hampshire. Please keep the sun shining in Northumberland for when we come for our hols the week after next. Have a lovely weekend.
    Ruth x

  4. We only have grey squirrels here!
    Lucky you!

  5. So sweet, I love red squirrels and I love his black tail. Fingers crossed that the sun keeps shining. Have a great weekend.
    Jo xx

  6. I have only seen red squirrels here but have never seen one with a black tail. You'll recognise him again, next time he comes visiting.


  7. we've not got red squirrels here but there's a large colony on Brownsea Island in Poole.
    Some years ago we did have a beigy-white one in the garden (yes a real one not a garden statue!) who stayed around for several seasons.
    Enjoy your wekend

  8. Oh how gorgeous! It's been more years than I care to remember since I've seen a red squirrel Julie. I know there is a small population on Cannock Chase which is only four miles from my home, but I've never seen one over there.
    The last shot is fantastic, hope you are able to enjoy their visits for many years to come.

  9. Hi Julie
    We are trully blessed to see so many reds in these parts..haven't seen any greys yet but maybe just a matter of time..loved the pics and you too have a great weekend..♥

  10. Julie, hi
    Loved the description of the hedgehog in a huff for being caught in a trap meant for someone else! Our only squirrels these days are the cute, noisy Indian palm squirrels, which look to us just like American chipmunks.

  11. What a lovely post with a wonderful tree!


    Thanks so much for your comments, Julie! Very interesting that we both know a few of the same people, its a small world!

  12. Yes a really lovely post...I can feel the frantic capturing on film of that little red wonder as you chase him around the tree...and you last picture is fabulous..
    Hugs Lynn xxx

  13. Hi Julie, thanks for dropping by my blog. I have to say, your sqirrel is much prettier than mine...and I know the grey's are pests, but they are all we have around here and are such a novelty to an Aussie who has never seen them before. I would love to see a red one, but they are only in isolated pockets here in England..more's the pity. I do love your I'm off to read more. Robx
    p.s. I'm about to post about my trip to the Newark fair some goodies!!