Wednesday, 5 October 2011

From Provence.....

Gorgeous, French linen nightshirt dyed with natural pigments...a pale mustard / lemon.....

Pleat detail at the front with button placket......stand up collar.

And initials JL on the side vent.....

Similar style once again, but this time in a soft, pale blue.

More pleat detail than before.....

And initials CB in red on the side vent.....

From Provence via Lincoln Antique and Home Fair to Northumberland....and I am keeping them because they fit! 

Two other nightshirts that don't fit ( too small hoo ) will be coming to Durham on Sunday

Simple style linen shift.... pale tobacco / brown with initials OL in red....

And a dramatic, indigo blue linen nightshirt.....

Stand up cotton collar....

With interesting cuff detail...

So, from a windy but not yet rainy Northumberland.....( I think it is lurking over the hills.... )

Hope you all have a good week.

Back very soon,
Julie x


  1. I don't like anything that lurks....especially rain!
    Your nightshirts have become lovely colours the fabric looks fabulous I love that french linen or hemp
    Hugs Lynn xxx

  2. They are gorgeous Julie, don't blame you for keeping them. I wear my black linen chemise constantly (I do wash it honestly) it is so comfy and looks great with leggings and boots for the winter. We've got rain threatening too, now I am off to have a root canal done at the dentists...great fun!! Have a great week.
    Jo xx

  3. Oh these are divine Julie, even if you don't wear them they make such a pretty display in a room. Windy in South Lincolnshire too - mice and spiders are now taking up residence with us, (joys of old buildings!) I guess Autumn is coming properly this time! Hugs from an old farmhouse - Glenda xxx

  4. Gorgeous indeed! I can see you in all of these Julie (not worn all at once obviously!). Shame the blue one is too small..... love the colour.
    Have a good day at Durham. Abby xx

  5. How lovely Julie! Will you wear them as a shirt or a nightie? Your room looks rather lovely too. Good luck at Durham, love Linda x

  6. I love old French linen shirts and have a whole collection, also some old German 'day' shirts for men in heavier linen. And I used to wear some years ago in summer as a dress with a decorative belt.
    There is just something so special in them....

    Keep whatever you can, yours a lovely!

  7. I love the indigo shirt. A lovely collection!
    Isabelle x

  8. hi Julie, thankyou for your lovely comment- we're so lucky to have such beautiful countryside surrounding us aren't we!
    Conkers always take me straight back to school playground days!
    Have a good weekend

  9. I saw the grey one at Lincoln and thought `how lovely` .. Tx

  10. Wonderful soft natural!

  11. Beautiful fabrics, I just love these old linens. Bought a lovely linen childs dress at Flea Market in Shepton, which will just make such a great decorative item to my bedroom! no little girls in my family alas.