Friday, 14 October 2011

Random pieces......

A gaggle of shoe trees.....

A metal box full of brass stencils....letters and numbers...

A Shaker style wooden bucket with lid...

A nice Victorian pitcher with a steady, hand painted black line around the top and down the fancy handle....

And a little humane mouse trap.....

All coming with me to The Antique and Vintage Fair at The Willowburn Leisure Centre, Alnwick, Northumberland this Sunday.

Alnwick, Northumberland..... home to the famous Alnwick Castle (Harry Potter et al )

and the impressive Alnwick gardens with its brilliant tree house restaurant.....

Hope to see you there...
Julie x


  1. Lovely bits-I hope you do well. The tree house is amazing!! Have fun Tx

  2. Love the 'gaggle of shoe trees'.... They are wonderful!

    I have about 10 pairs but...not as nice and interesting as yours!

    Best wishes for a sunny weekend,

  3. Julie, I'm in love with the shoe trees and the
    Shaker style bucket. The mouse trap is very cute too! Wishing you ALL success with your sale, I'm just sad I cannot be there too.

  4. Love the shoe trees Julie, they make lovely coat or towel pegs hung on a wall. Thank you for your lovely comment you left about my Nan.
    Jo xx

  5. So wish I lived closer ... a lovely collection and those wooden pieces are so tactile. Thanks for sending Colin my way ... arrangements are in hand to extend my collection xx

  6. If you are heading towards Alnwick Castle, I don't think you will get this lot on your broomstick! :)
    Love that Jug! Have a great fair.
    Abby xx

  7. I have a set of old zink alphabet stensils but no box. However, having seen your picture I now see how I can store them.

    Have a great day in Alnwick.


  8. Well I obviously picked the wrong week to be in Northumberland didn't I? I would love to have come to meet you and buy from you (where do you find all your incredible lovelies, all things I would love to buy?) We lunched in the tree house on Thursday and looked all round the castle. It was such a wonderful day and I enjoyed every minute of it. Northumberland is stunning and I will definitely be back to explore more as a week just wasn't long enough. (We stayed at Ingram).
    Ruth x

  9. Hi Julie, it all looks most interesting. Not sure what I think of the mousetrap! Love the Shaker box though.Good luck with the Fair, love Linda x

  10. Hello Julie, many thanks for your comments on Halloween. I have never seen white pumpkins for sale here, but I love the look of them. I have just bought a lovely blue one, but am told they are the best to eat, so it won't make it till Halloweeen I'm afraid. The apples with candles in are lovely, aren't they? Have a great week, love Linda x