Thursday, 20 October 2011

Autumn ....

Autumn is well and truly with us...windfall apples to make into pies and crumbles...the product of windy days in the garden.

Autumn leaves to sweep up in abundance at the moment......

yet still the trees are full....

 In fact I  have never seen so many acorns and beech nuts as there are this year and the holly tree is awash with berries.

The Virginia creeper is  turning a beautiful red now......

Matching quite nicely with my old paper garland of leaves that comes out for decoration this time of year.

 This weekend sees the return of the Autumn Fair at Rheged Discovery Centre in Penrith, Cumbria....gateway to the beautiful English Lake District and full of autumnal colour this time of year by the side of the lakes and on the hills.

So with a rustic theme and the realisation that nights are drawing in, I have been pricing and packing....

A mix of decorative new and decorative old....

Wall lantern, wooden bird with tin wings, iron candle holder, wooden pot and dried hydrangeas from the garden, giant twig star.....

Limewashed pine box with brass nameplate, bundles of candles in vintage manuscript and embroidered linen cloths.....

All packed and ready to go.....
Julie x


  1. hiya!
    Aren't I quick off the mark this morning!

    Love the rustic autumnal display for your fair- will def be the best stall there I'm sure!

    Most of all I love the paper leaf garland

    Enjoy the sunshine

  2. Hello Julie:
    What a very attractive display you show here. We are sure that you will be the talk of the fair and, we hope, sales will be brisk!

    It all looks so perfectly in keeping with the mellowness of the season and a particular favourite we can see is the iron candle holder. Capable of being placed anywhere and shedding the wonderful glow of a candle, who could resist as the nights draw in?

  3. Love your paper garland ... and the box would have to be mine ... if only I could get to the fair! Hope you have a successful day. M x

  4. Lovely things again, Julie. I love the bowl your apples are in, I bet that's not going to the fair. Have a good weekend.
    Ruth x

  5. A beautiful view of the Lake District and gorgeous treasures to take there. I was sure that the pot was a salt-glazed stone jar and am surprised to read that it is made of wood. How unusual.


  6. Lovely pictures Julie... the Virginia creeper is a beauty. If you have made an apple pie, I shall be round for coffee :) xx

  7. Aahhh, The Lakes in autumn! So much loveliness in your post! Xx