Thursday, 29 December 2011

Floppy holiday.....

Hope you all having a lovely Christmas holiday and are slowly working your way through your books and chocolates.
Mine have all gone because I have no's all or nothing!

Oh to be able to take one chocolate then close the lid.

Meanwhile, things are starting to flop around here now......hyacinths with their horizontal, heavy heads,

Candles burnt down and finished.....

Pillar candles from Christmas Day creating strange, floppy shapes...

 One even managed to burn a hole in its side allowing wax to spill out onto the table....

 When I moved the candle away, I was left angel's wing!

Well, I think so anyway....some might not agree....

Julie x


  1. The remains of the wax is beautiful and I can definately see what you mean, wax remains can form some amazing shapes. My Daffodils and hyacinths will be reaching the flop stage soon which is when I normally go get a few rustic looking twigs and pop them in for support. although, there is a certain style (I think) when they flop and reach out but unfortunately, they are so top heavy that I've sometimes had them snap off, hence the twiggy supports. Happy New Year to you! x

  2. My candles did exactly the same. I didn't get an photos though...silly me. We had wax icicles as the wax dripped onto and over the mantlepiece. it was beautiful!

    Reminded me of a childhood activity we used to do. You melt the wax, fill a bath with cold water, then throw the hot wax into the bath and make wonderful sculptures. Probably frowned upon now with our obsession with health and safety but it did me no harm :D

    Happy New Year Julie

  3. That is without a doubt an angel's wing. A beautiful omen and may the angels protect you and bless you in 2012


  4. I'm feeling like your Hyacinths Julie now all the family has departed. One of my candles did that and dripped wax all down the candlestick onto the fireplace though nothing like your lovely angel wing just a messy splodge. Enjoy the chocolates and have a wonderful New year.
    Jo xx

  5. Your hyacinths are so beautiful Julie but how sad that they have flopped. Something similar happened to mine that were on sunny window ledges or tables receiving lots of light. Trial and error has taught me that the best position is a dark corner or north-facing window. The other trick seems to be to give them very little water.

    My current flop-queens are the red tulips that are bowing down from their vase of holly like long swans' necks.


  6. Yes Julie, we are definitely all or nothing girls.... all chocolates scoffed here too! I saw some hyacinths propped up with sturdy twigs from the garden and they looked lovely too.
    Hope all well. Abby xx

  7. Hi Julie,
    I had forgotten about the patterns created by melted wax on the table, you angel wings have made me smile,

    Happy New Year to you.

  8. We agree- Angel's wing!
    Kathy and Kris

  9. Fun photos Julie! Wishing you a very happy 2012!


  10. Yes, all is floppy around here being the floppiest!
    Happy new year to you...I look forward to lots more of your gorgeous posts. x