Sunday, 18 December 2011

Getting festive...

The tree has been chosen from the farm down the road.....

A big beauty for the sitting room, now standing upright in the poss tub with the first set of lights on.

I often think I should stop just there....keep it simple.... and set the lights to a gentle twinkle.

But I know there will be questions asked on Christmas Day from the "big children" as to where the decorations have gone if I don't keep going.

So on I go.....handmade baubles, shaker style angels, boots and hearts from long ago....

Mustn't forget the Christmas Angel ....

Meanwhile, I am having a bit of an addiction to this stuff....

Gluhwein from Aldi with added apple and orange slices popped in the pan as it warms. I love the smell as it simmers and it tastes pretty good ideal accompaniment for a spot of tree decorating.

Also from Aldi.....something a little more practical.....

Not the kind of thing I would normally buy you understand, but I thought they would be fun....

Tacky toilet rolls with a Christmas theme....

Rudolph and friends in many poses.... but mainly bottoms up.

And guess what?..... they are scented and smell strangely of mulled wine too.....amazing!

 Julie x


  1. Your decorations are always lovely Julie. The dog is my absolute favourite ;)
    Fab loo rolls... will look forward to going to the bathroom when I come over!
    Abby xx

  2. Hi Julie

    I love your tree and I agree with you family in wanting to have the familiar ornaments.

    I can just hear the giggles coming from the bathroom as they check the loo paper

    Helen xx

  3. You see, we can all suprise eachother - the least tacky blogger imaginable revealing her reindeer bottom bogroll, scented no less - LOVE IT!!! No post will make me so happy today!;) you may have started a stampede to Aldi! Bxx

  4. Your tree is beautiful and I agree it does look good with just the lights just have to put the decs on, don't you! Perhaps you should have a small one somewhere with just twinklies. I love the bogroll, I shall be by an Aldi today so I'm just gonna have to go check it out and hopefully go through checkout with them if my Aldi has them.

  5. Quick loo rolls (of the festive cute kind) at my Aldi...Baah Humbug!! Oh well, never mind. Merry Christmas!

  6. Hi Julie,

    Love both of your tree styles and the poss tub as a stand is a really great idea. Yes, you're right the shoe is from Tobias and the Angel!
    Hope you have a lovely Christmas and New Year!


  7. I need some of that toilet paper....what fun it will make smashing tissue as well... I adore mulled wine hiccup ha ha.
    Love your tree didn,t you have a great day
    Hugs Lynn
    Happy Christmas Julie just incase you don't post again wishing you a wonderful time, I have so enjoyed your blog this past year, and your friendship xx
    Lynn xxxx

  8. You have a magnificent tree Julie but it looks just a tad minimalist without the bling: I like it best fully dressed and decorated.

    We had reindeer fillet for Sunday lunch but my loo paper is decorated with little red hearts.

    Wishing you a wonderful Christmas

  9. Love, love the toilet paper!

    Happy Holidays and
    all my best wishes for a