Saturday, 10 December 2011

Final flourish.....and a start...

My last Fair before Christmas is tomorrow at The Rheged Discovery Centre, Penrith, more painted furniture on its way...a 19th century bedside/ pot cupboard with reeded legs and castors, a small pine corner cupboard with a door and another one without.

A couple of big picture frames...and some more Kate Forman cushions, which are selling as fast as I can make them at the moment.

 Vintage silver plate...a Mappin and Webb ice bucket and a Walker and Hall bowl will hopefully be gracing a new Christmas table in a few weeks time.
These old pieces of silver plate from well known makers just smack of quality. Why would you buy a modern copy when you could have an original piece for the same price or most probably less?

This old letter with the remains of a seal is an apology from W. Haward, Oxford Street, London to Mr Burroughs at Mr Crofts in St Martins Lane...dated 9th November 1763.

I ordered my clerk to be with you by 9 o'clock yesterday morning-
As you have signed a ........?
I expect him to pay the loss of it
as it was his neglect and therefore I hope you will take a Guinea for
the loss, that he may take more
care for the future, your
compliance with the request will oblige Sir....
Your most humble servant,
W. Haward.

  And finally,

 The start of the Christmas decorations has begun at the front door the form of a wonky wreath....

And the temporary log store by the door is going to have be emptied to accomodate the big tree that will be arriving next weekend....

Poss tubs make great Christmas tree containers, watertight obviously.... and with the help of a few logs to wedge the trunk in place......deep enough to stop them falling over.

Now, what would my Granny have to say about the new use for her old washing tub?

Bye for now....back soon,
Julie x


  1. Hi Julie
    I hope you have a fabulous sale tomorrow and you should with all of those gorgeous goodies. I don't think your wreath is wonky at all...there is something in the post for you! he he ....hope you like it xxxxxx
    Hugs Lynn xxxx

  2. Oh Julie,
    Do you mind if I pinch that idea for my tree, love it!!

  3. Oh it's snowing in The Cloth Shed!
    Have a great day tomorrow, and I will be over next week to swipe that wonky wreath from your door! ;) Abby xx

  4. Hi Julie, I hope all went well at your Fair. Your stall must look ravishing with all that pretty stuff! The old letter is a wonderful piece of history. I like your wonky wreath, it looks lovely on your grey door. Have a relaxing run -up to Christmas, now that your work is done! With much love, Linda x

  5. oh no no no....I could never get the house that clean ever has taken me years to recover ha ha .. hope you had a good fair on Sunday xx
    Lynn xxx

  6. Hi Julie, so glad that you discovered my blog as now I have yours as well! Your painted furniture is divine and I know that you did well at the fair on Sunday.