Monday, 28 November 2011


A charming trio of watercolours depicting early 19th century hunting capers..... slightly battered and worn, but just how I like it.

Standing in front of two hand painted 19th century long case clock faces..... with shooting scenes above the dial.... also battered, worn and pitted with rust.

I think they all work well together and will probably have to stay at Chez Cloth Shed.....but where to put them?

Alongside the old American box perhaps?

I have also been fiddling with a large wooden initial O, painted and distressed, a metal leaf heart and a lavender filled heart with a faded crown printed onto a piece of old French linen.

Now hung on a wall in the bedroom....

I must admit it is getting me in a slightly festive mood......

Now, where are my Tesco crown lights?

Have a lovely week.....

Julie x


  1. Great vintage items :o) Especially the clock faces and the great chest. Love what you've done with the letter 'O' too.
    Ah,ah, it's you that had me on a wild goose chase for the crown lights - I couldn't remember which blog I'd seen them on! I've been to the 3 nearest stores and can't find any - sob!
    Have a great week
    Rose H

  2. Love those old clock faces.. i am sure you will find a space for them! Lizzie

  3. How wonderful those pictures and clock faces are, but the star for me is the trunk, I have to keep looking at it..don't know why I am so smitten,but I find it totally enchanting, it looks like the first page of a fairy tale.....

    Your arrangement with your linen heart really works it looks simple and beautiful, I love this too.
    Have a super week
    Hugs Lynn xxxx

  4. Julie, I can think of a perfect place where you can put those hunting pictures and clock faces..... in the back of my car when I next visit!! ;)
    Abby xx

  5. the hunting scenes are really atmospheric aren't they!

    I remember many years ago at an agricultural sale buying the wooden clock face from an early Victorian stable tower clock.

    It was around 5 feet diameter and, like all the machinery etc for sale, had been left out in a field for a week or so prior to the sale in the pouring rain.

    Sodden, we got it home in one piece and decided to dry it out slowly on layers of newspaper.

    Unfortunately as it dried it fell completely to pieces- all the joints split open and the wood just couldn't recover fom being so old, so neglected and then so sopping wet.

    I was so sad, it was a thing of such great stature.

  6. O so clever . . . . . . do you get it?
    Helen xx

  7. Tesco crown lights sound really interesting. If you find them I hope you post a photo on your blog. Love all of these vintage goodies. xx

  8. I love all the things you posted today, stunning!!! The watercolors and clocks go so well together...they are meant for each other!!! I agree with Abby, but please put them in my car instead...LOL!!!
    Chris :o)

  9. Hi Julie, oh what lovely stuff. I love everything. Yes I am sure you could find a little corner for them in your home. Your arrangement with the lavender heart is charming and so tasteful. Thankyou for your lovely comments. I am afraid to say that I have never been one to linger in the bath with wine and candles, lovely as it sounds, I am a jump in the shower and get it over with sort of girl! Have a great weekend, love Linda x

  10. Beautiful items I'm loving your little collections,just found your beautiful blog ,we seem to have quit a few thing's in common,needless to say I'm now following XX Manda XX