Thursday, 17 November 2011

Hive of industry...,..

Hive of industry today at The Cloth Shed...painting furniture in my favourite F and B colours.... grey, grey and more grey.....

Upholstering 19th century mahogany chairs and making cushions from Kate Forman fabric with feather pads...

A French linen toile in green and cream is backed with vintage French ticking stripe....

Mixed together with more sparkly pressed glass cake stands, dishes, glasses, silver plate cutlery, large, white vintage serving plates for the Christmas table and I am all set for this weekends   Christmas Fair at Hexham

I have also been busy with more planted bulbs in containers....

 Love this large urn with white hyacinths ready to explode with gorgeous scent in a few weeks time...

Mmm...looks quite nice there......I wonder if it will get a price tag?

Julie x


  1. I can't really see that beautiful urn of hyacinths having a price tag applied can you?!
    Sellers perks!

  2. Wish I had your subtle style and panache. LLX

  3. You are putting in such a lot of effort Julie, I hope the show is a sell-out for you! Everything looks very desirable, I love the urn with the hyacinths. Have a great weekend,love Linda x

  4. No you must keep that gorgeous urn. Loving the Kate Forman cushions, I love her fabrics. I've also just been painting in F&B French grey. Have a great fair and I will catch up with you soon.
    Jo xx

  5. Lovely items for sale, I'd buy the lot! You can't beat F & B's grey shades. We have a shop near me who sells Annie Sloan paints but I haven't tried them, have you? Love Kate Forman fabrics too.
    Ruth x

  6. I bought a lovely old pudding basin with hyacinths last week in Durham. It's lovely... and if I had the urn I'd be hanging on to it!

  7. ...sorry I should have said that I bought them from you.

  8. Hi Julie just to say I have had to cancel Durham as I am doing long days and just can't get all the things made I want to for the Fair. I hope the two Rival Arts fairs went well. I am falling asleep when I get home at night and really need the weekends to recover plus the work at home still not being shared!! it is just too hard at this time. I hope you and yours have a wonderful Xmas and that all the fairs are busy up to Xmas.

  9. I just love your cushions. Beautiful. x