Thursday, 10 November 2011

Crown lights.....

Not being a great fan of Tesco at all.... I have to admit however.... that these are really quite natty.

Battery operated fairy lights in the shape of crowns....which are going to be ideal for my Fairs over the Christmas period and happily haven't broken the bank either...

I have been sourcing more lovely pressed glass for the Christmas table......

Tiers of cake stands and a lovely Victorian mug with grapes and vine engraving.... the name Mary Alice on the front....most probably a christening cup, but would be lovely as a vase for delicate flowers.

Lots of tiny vintage baking tins now in use as tea light holders........

White hyacinths in white containers....

A lovely set of 6 white napkins with initials and EPNS napkin rings....

And for a splash of subtle colour....I have been dyeing vintage tablecloths and napkins in an assortment of pretty colours....

Lovely lavender, cornflower blue, grey, indigo.....

The first "Christmas " Fair is this weekend at New College, Durham...Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th 10am to 4pm daily.

I am really looking forward to it and also meeting up with the lovely Helen from Busy Bee Studio again and seeing what gorgeous goodies she has found. 
I think I might have to buy her a box of crown lights for her stand too....they are just her kind of thing!

Hope you all have a great weekend whatever you are doing....
Julie x


  1. I am loving the crown lights Julie, so much so I have just hot footed it to our local Tesco (not a fan either)and just bought two sets...thanks for the tip off. Love the assortment of coloured napkins as well. Good luck for the fair.
    Jo xx

  2. Oh might have to get some of those lights!! Love the napkins - Im realy into this dying lark , such fun. Good luck with the fairs. Tx

  3. Loving the lights what a super find..I love all the glass too, especially when a table is laid with twinky lights and sparkling glass you can't beat it..
    Perfect xxxx

  4. I agree with sea angels- pressed glass and twinkly lights always looks gorgeous- and your stand for the fairs is going to look fantastic!

  5. I LOVE the engraved Mary Alice mug,Julie, but we may not be "up country" to see you at a fair until New Year's Day.
    Lovely lights too - poor old Tesco, they do get some things right!

  6. Those lights are great - destination Tesco's tommorrow! I would never have thought of looking there for goodies.
    Do you remember the little toile frames you sent me a while back, well I have just been decorating my bathroom with those as my theme ... I have grey walls and a red toile curtain and the antique towel you sent on display. I'm so pleased with the result - it looks really cosy and classy x

  7. I love absolutely everything here: crowns, pressed glass, baking tins, hyacinths and vintage linen. How I would have loved to be in Durham at the weekend - I hope lots of people came and you had great success.


  8. Yes, those crown lights are rather nice but, like you, I avoid Tesco at all costs. They are building a new supermarket on a roundabout near us and causing mayhem with the traffic! I love those monogrammed napkins and serviette rings. Love the Christening cup too.
    Ruth x

  9. We had such a fabulous time didn't we? I love the cushion I got from you, and yes your stall looked GORGEOUS as usual, see you next week sweetie,

  10. Hello Julie, you are all geared up! It is so lovely and festive over here. I suppose you have to help people get in the mood though? I am having me some of those crown lights, they are cool. Thanks for the tip.Love the dyed napkins too, tres chic!

    Thankyou so much for your lovely comments on my blog, I really do appreciate them so much. I think public art is great, ugly or not, as it makes you sit up and take notice. Have a great week and good luck with the Fair. I wish I was there. Love Linda x