Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Time traveller....

As you all probably know by now, I seem to be drawn to old boxes.....the more battered and with a history the better.

This dome topped leather box with studs.....I .W. on the top.... jumped out at an Antique Fair a few weeks ago shouting.... "rescue me!"

Water damaged, with peeling leather....

Original block print paper interior.....

And the maker or supplier's label still intact....

Seth Craige
Saddler and Bridle Cutter

The description of how to find the shop is wonderful....

" On the south side of Market Street, half way between Third and Fourth Streets and nearly opposite the King of Prussia Tavern, Philadelphia 1790 "

So with the help of good old Google, I found Seth Craige....

And the position of his shop on an old map of Philadelphia.....

The question is...how did this 18th century box get from Philadelphia, USA to Northumberland UK ? 

By covered wagon ?

By stagecoach ?

By sailing ship ?

 and what
adventures did it have along the way?

Julie x


  1. What stories it could tell!


  2. What a great detective you would make... ha ha I love the inside of this case love it so much.. If you take any close up pictures of the wall paper in this gorgeous trunk please can I have some copys to swoon over.....I'm in love with the trunk ....sad but true..
    Hugs Lynn xxx

  3. How wonderful. What stories it could tell. I do family history research and there is always something interesting to be found. How did we manage before the internet? Ann x

  4. Fascinating .. If only it could talk. Can never resist lifting a lid on a box as you just never know what's inside! Xx

  5. Well Miss Marple, what an interesting trunk! I wonder what items it held inside on the journey here... I am sure you will fill it with lots of your own lovely goodies though :) xx

  6. It's sooooh exciting Julie!!
    Well done "tinternet" and WELL DONE you, 1st class research, you are not just a pretty face!!
    Love H xx

  7. This is a tantalizing story and now, that you have discovered so much, I have a feeling that you will stay on the trail.


  8. of course, now you'll have to go over to Philadelphia to research it further...

  9. Thats amazing,,!I wouldnt be able to sell it x

  10. What a fantastic story Julie, and I love the box, I wouldn't be able to part with it. I love looking up the history of an item, it is surprising what you can find out.
    Jo xx

  11. It is always great to have the provenance for an item and this is so interesting.

  12. Wow - this is so fascinating - I love a good search and don't know how we ever managed without Google! It's a beautiful piece and I'd like to believe it did come over in that covered wagon!

  13. Sorry I missed this post. How wonderful that the box had that label inside. You can't possibly sell it now! Like Sea Angels, I just adore the inside of the box, it is so wonderful that if I owned it, I would want to display it open. Great post Julie, love Linda x

  14. I've only just found this post about the lovely American box - it's always so interesting to find antiques with history. Apologies for looking as if I nicked your theme with my latest post - I had been planning it for a week - honest!

  15. I am a diredt descendent of Seth Craige. Thank you for discovering and preserving one of his creations. You have given us ten more years of his history.

  16. My brother sent this link to me. This is my great, great, great, great,great grandfather. Pretty amazing - We would have never known this about him :)