Monday, 18 April 2011

Gorgeous jug and Posh plant....

I bought this gorgeous jug at the weekend from fellow exhibitor Helen at the Rival Arts Easter Fair @The Racecourse in Hexham.

It has seen a bit of life over its 150 years with a lead repair rivet to the handle in two places and a worn patch of glaze on one side. However, the hand painted decoration is so charmingly naive and delicate that someone, all those years ago, must have deemed it worthy of repair and I am so pleased they did.

Helen took some nice photos of the weekend which you can find........ HERE

Adding to the old enamel collection with a small chippy jug bought today......

 And a big bowl that is worn to nothing with constant use over the years, but now houses my old streptocarpus plant that is just starting to sprout again....

In a few weeks time it will hopefully look like this ....

This is no ordinary streptocarpus of has a great pedigree.....

It came from a grand Castle in Northumberland no less.

Chipchase Castle.......a 17th century Jacobean mansion with a 14th century Pele tower. ( Just visible behind )
As the castle is privately owned, there is only the month of June in which to look around inside, which is what I did about 4 years ago and bought my tiny little plant as a reminder of my visit.

Each year it expands and needs repotting but always rewards me with a wonderful display of flowers.

Inspired from reading today that you take cuttings from the leaves, I think I will give it a go....
Then I can have lots of little Chipchase babies and sell them in vintage terracotta pots wrapped in music sheet along with my old bits and pieces!
Lovely idea....

Hope you all have an inspirational week too,
Bye for now....
Julie x


  1. Love the jug! The pictures Helen took of your stall look great, I hope you had a really good weekend.
    Your Chipchase babies in pots are a great idea... with your creative hands you will have a nursery full!
    Abby x

  2. Wow, you found a real treasure!!! I love the repairs on the handle, it makes it even more appealing to me.
    Have a wonderful day.
    Chris :o)

  3. Hi Julie, I have been out of action for a little while so I have been catching up on your posts. The RE at Liberty looks amazing, I would love to visit them. I love all your crowns and your little brown bags with the crown on are really sweet.Love the jug with the old repairs too. Love Linda x

  4. The repaired jug is so gorgeous.
    I have a streptocarpus my mother gave me and its HUGE. pink. In one gallon and I've got to pry it loose and divvy it up into new pots.
    I didn't know you could grow from leaves, but I have seen that done with african violets.
    lovely plants!

  5. Lovely treasures, Julie - well done. Lovely jug (even better with the repairs!) and fab enamel ware. Your stall looks great. I've taken leaf cuttings from African violets in the past - so give it a go. Abby x

  6. Love the old jug, I too love them more with old repairs gives it more character. Hope your enjoying this gorgeous weather.
    Jo xx

  7. I love the china which has been repaired with rivets. People used to save up their pieces which needed repairing until the travellers who did this came to their village. It must have been quite an art to do this too. (I'm sure you already knew this information).

  8. Lovely finds...all treasures..
    Beast wishes for a lovely Easter,
    Susan x

  9. Bought a couple of your vintage french postcards on sunday - Inspired my daughter with her French revision!! Thanks!!

  10. Happy Easter Julie and love your jug with the mends..vintage terracotta pots wrapped in sheet music sound gorgeous..♥

  11. Hello I wanted to make you happy birthday
    GOOD EASTER, even to your family. .
    Susy x