Tuesday, 5 April 2011

RE..... located.....to...

I have posted before about this wonderfully eccentric shop in Corbridge, Northumberland.....  RE

Well, as from today, Tuesday 5th April 2011.... they will be displaying their eclectic wares as a satellite shop on the 4th floor in Liberty, London. 

The theme will be based on an outdoor living experience....with alfresco dining, spending time in the garden and most of all RE..laxing this Summer with some of their fabulous items.

Here is a sneak preview of  what is on offer....

Vintage garden tools and accessories...

Pots, books and lighting....

Letters, glasses, cake stands, baskets......

Cushions, fabric, plates and cloches....

So, if you have the opportunity to visit Liberty over the next four months, do pop up to the 4th floor for some truly inspirational ideas. 

Oh and one more thing....check out the dinner plates....they are certainly different.

Julie x


  1. It all looks fabulous!

  2. What fabulous displays, especially the vintage garden tools and accessories...I need to get Andy to get a job back in London so we can have a naughty weekend away!!!(Having a spend up in Liberty's I mean:))
    Jo xx

  3. LOVE that shop - I drool over the online store, but might have to sneak a quick trip to Liberty's! I want all the old flower pots and love their lighting...wish I could persuade myself I need them!!

  4. Fabulous shop and thanks for the tip I am off to London Saturday on a research trip..now I shall side track... ha ha thank you xxxxx

  5. Well that's it V&A "the cult of beauty", Anthropologie & Liberty, should do me for a day out!
    T x

  6. Oh, I wish I could go shopping there, Julie . . . a bit far away from Bellingham, Washington!!

    Thanks for staying in touch! Love your blog,

    Debi @ Ormolulu

  7. fantastic, I have often admired their products in mags. Lizzie x

  8. Its a dangerous shop to visit!!! I live not too far away from it and its too easy to pop in and buy something. I want just about everything in there LOL! X

  9. Great pictures Julie... AND, first to report on the opening too!
    Thanks again for yesterday, I had a lovely day Abby x

  10. Wow, what a shop!! Wish I could pop in! I will just have to get on a plane and fly over some day!!!
    I love your blog, I have added you to my list.
    Chris :o) From the cold land of Alaska (smile)

  11. Hello, I have just found your blog via Wild Acre. I used to live in Hexham and loved visiting RE, which opened just after we moved there. It's a wonderful, dangerous (serious bank balance damage!) shop and we bought some fabulous big pieces of furniture there that we still enjoy and will never part with. So delighted for Jenny and Simon and their unique and enormously stylish shop.

  12. oooh, I shall check that out next time I'm in London - I often see RE stuff in mags. Abby x

  13. Thanks for the heads up Julie, looks like my kinda stuff. Although being in Liberty will ensure a hefty price tag I guess. Isn't it a great store though, I just love wandering around, it's so old and historic. Nothing like it back in Australia. Robx

  14. Hmmm, think my credit card would get quite a workout there! Another good reason for me to visit London added to the list!

  15. I walked past Liberty yesterday but didn't have a chance to stop in. I think I would have if I'd read your post in time! Looks fabulous.