Tuesday, 26 April 2011


 Yesterday's Vintage and Retro Fair at Gateshead International Stadium was very busy, but I still manged to escape from my stall for a wander round and naturally make a few purchases.

 This late Victorian bed jacket / blouse caught my eye,

The detail around the neck is simple yet beautiful....

Raised whitework embroidery......

The hidden press studs on the placket....

The whole garment is made with tiny machine stitching on the seams and hand sewing for the sleeve, collar and cuff insertions ....

The detail on the cuffs is fabulous too....

And equally as stylish from the back.....

The attention to detail and the time taken by the seamstress of long ago always amazes me.....yet this garment is still robust enough to be worn now and really, would not look out of place as a loose, unfastened jacket with plain linen pants or dress for the Summer.

And guess what?
Unlike a lot of vintage clothing this is a generous size 14 and it fits me!

Now, where did I put my charcoal grey linen trousers.....

Julie x


  1. It's so beautiful, great buy! it would look fab with grey linen :)

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  2. It's so lovely, with all the fine stitching and detail, not much effort is put into making clothes these days, I can't imagine anything lasting too long. It will look lovely with linen xx

  3. That is absolutely gorgeous Julie, I love how everything was made so well with so much attention to detail years ago, unlike the rubbish now. You should wear it, it would look lovely with linen. I used to wear my original 1920's dresses until they became too fragile. Have a great week.
    Jo xx

  4. That is such a pretty top and it really will look great on you Julie... wear with a necklace and linen trousers, fabulous!
    Glad you had a busy day at Gateshead. Abby x

  5. Gorgeous with your linen trousers...bet it would lovely dyed too xx
    Lynn xx

  6. Lucky you - I have the same problem! Your top will look lovely with grey linen.
    T x

  7. That's gorgeous - beautifully made. Yes, definitely a good match for grey linen trousers - go for it! Abby x

  8. Hi Julie, hope you had a lovely Easter and didn't work too hard. Beautiful bed jacket, much too pretty to confine to bed. Thanks for visiting and leaving kind remarks. I didn't make the bunting but I love it so much I am considering making some. Have a good week, love Linda x

  9. Lovely Julie . . . you have such a good eye,
    Love Helen xx

  10. Hello Julie:
    What a magical blog! Eclectic, diverse, interesting, beautifully presented and full of varied intrigue. The white shirt you show in this post is lovely. Can one, we ask, ever have enough white to wear?

    What a very hectic life you seem to live in Northumberland, that most wonderful of counties. Cragside is one of our best loved of all National Trust houses and must, we imagine, be quite close to you. Tobias and the Angel, shown in your sidebar, is another favourite of ours.

    We have signed as Followers.

  11. What a stunning piece and far too beautiful to be just worn as a bed jacket. I hope you keep it and enjoy wearing it yourself. The attention to detail and fine needlework on some older pieces is just stunning and puts much of what is made now to shame.