Sunday, 1 May 2011

Over the wall......

 Out this afternoon on a regular jaunt through the beautiful Northumberland a pretty little village called Netherwitton, we saw this....over the wall.....

Netherwitton Hall bedecked with one of the largest Union flags I have ever seen......

A privately owned, Grade 1 listed mansion house, dating from the late 16th century set in idyllic parkland..... obviously having celebrated the Royal wedding in grand style!

Now that is what I call a flag....


Julie x


  1. One of my pet hates is when the Union flag is referred to as "Jack", that one is a whopper!!
    well done on being correct!
    T x

  2. Hello Julie:
    What, as you say, an idyllic setting in which to have a house. And some party, judging by the size of the flag. We wonder if it was especially made, and if so, when? For the Coronation? The Silver Jubilee?

    You are so fortunate to have country walks such as this so close to home. We hope you have a really splendid Bank Holiday tomorrow. Here it is a normal working day.

    Thank you for becoming a Follower of our blog.

  3. Heavens, it's huge!! Have a good week. Abby x

  4. Do you think it would upset the village if I did the same here? They might behead me!!!

  5. Wow, that's a very cool flag! I want it. Would you consider going to steal it for me?!!

    Errr, I hope it's clear that was a joke!! But it is gorgeous, isn't it?!


  6. That flag is huge, if I have got my facts right, an old childhood friend, Anne marie Trevelyan lives there and they made the flag for the golden jubilee in 2002 - pretty sure I saw it on her fb page at the weekend. My grandma spent her last independent years in a house in Netherwitton - I've got fond memories of it. Small world!!

  7. I hope Mr T is careful when he takes down that flag... it all ended rather badly for Nigel from The Archers! Abby x

  8. That is one huge flag. It looks amazing.

    Pam x

  9. wow- missed that one on eBay!!

  10. Wow what a fantastic flag, I don't think I have ever seen one that big!! Hope you had a great weekend.
    Jo xx

  11. Oh how lovely . . . it's things like that . . . . that made Britain great,
    Love Helen x

  12. That flag must be bigger than my whole house. And I thought I was being a bit showy putting bunting in the garden?

  13. Fab flag - lovely to see you and Helen today we had the best takings ever!! What a lovely day and some really nice customers.

  14. Just wonderful, brings a smile to your face.Thanks for sharing Julie, love Linda x

  15. What a special picture. It begs the question, however, why the owners commissioned such a large flag when they do not appear to have a flagpole.
    I have an extremely tall flagpole on my property which was erected by a previous owner who was also thoughtful enough to leave the flag. I have always considered this to be ridiculously large, however, today, you have put my problem into preportion.