Wednesday, 11 May 2011

French Classical prints.....

A portfolio of large French prints, featuring a buxom beauty who obviously worked out with the dumb bells....

And her equally muscley partner....

Michelangelo....Florentine School....!5th /16th century

Classical torsos....


Saint Marthe....

Marcus Brutus.....

Gentleman by Agnolo Gaddi....Early Renaissance Italian artist (14th century)

Young girl by Andrea del Sarto...High Renaissance Italian artist (15th/16th century)

Even the impressed French print label is classy...

More Frenchy things to follow shortly....

I love it when the "Frenchman" takes a stand at Hexham en route to Scotland exciting... you never know what he is going to bring with him over the Channel.

Hope you all have a good week....
Julie x


  1. Beautiful sketches, I love the curvacious ladies!!

  2. Julie, I do wish you had warned me that you were going to post my picture on your blog!! Abby x

  3. These are wonderful! How many are there in total?

  4. Is that a rump steak on his rear or are my eyes deceiving me? LLX

  5. Great post Julie!
    Love 'classical' prints and sketches, wherever they come from!

    Greetings from the Périgord,

    p.s. Thank you very much for your comment!

  6. Amazing how these Italian artists often still painted men, or sections of mens' bodies when they were painting women!! Was there a reason for this beyond adoration for the male musculature??

  7. Hello Julie:
    Buxom beauties indeed. What marvellous finds these are.

    Our favourite was the Agnolo Gaddi of the rather severe gentleman. We could certainly place that [and indeed, several others] if it were ours. Did you succumb?

  8. They're beautiful, Julie. She certainly is muscley though - puts Madonna to shame! Abby x

  9. They did used to appreciate a womanly curve or two back in the day!


  10. I just love the sketches, I´m home for a week in France and i founded a lovely black and white one. I noticed the huge flag in your previous post, I guess they reallt enjoyed the wedding..I did as well.

    Have a nice evening, Tina