Monday, 23 May 2011

Blue for a girl...........

I bought these yesterday at the Antique Fair in Northallerton, Yorkshire.

The sweetest little ankle strap, blue leather shoes with tiny mother of pearl buttons and ribbon insert.

Scuffed on the toes with baby's first steps.....

Leather soles with writing still visible on the bottom.
( I am not sure if it is the original price or a shop guide for the age of the child....." 2 years" perhaps? )

Tucked away inside one shoe....a little note to say,

"Jane McCartney's first slippers
( Granny Robertson ) about 1869"

It always makes me wonder how anyone could possibly part with a piece of family history like this.....

Julie x


  1. Hello Julie:
    We are in complete agreemwnt with you and have no idea how anyone could bear to part with these tiny shoes. As you say, such a marvellous piece of family history that would one would surely wish to keep for ever.

    The blue shoes look to be in wonderful condition and beautifully made. Perfectly lovely!

  2. Hi Julie
    I just love this sort of thing..true treasure to me..simple everyday goods LOL..♥

  3. Oh Julie how gorgeous, will you keep them?

  4. Julie, those lovely slipper-dippers made my heart swell. How anyone could part with them beggers belief. The back story would be so interesting. LLX

  5. Maybe they needed to pay the electricity bill!
    Whatever reason, they certainly have fallen to the right hands.

  6. They are just the most gorgeous little shoes. What a shame they were not kept in the family but you are very lucky to have them now.

  7. Oh they are just so sweet Julie. It is so sad to think a family would not want them. Nevermind, you have them now and you love them! Love Linda x

  8. They are so gorgeous, you need to find a lovely antique glass dome and display them under it. Definitely a keeper Julie. Love the pics you sent me. Have a great week.
    Jo xx

  9. What a lovely little treasure...such a shame the family didn't keep them.


  10. They are just gorgeus a shame the family didn't keep them.

  11. Oh, Julie - they make me want to cry, they're so lovely! - especially with the note. Wonderful. Abby x

  12. They really do pull at the heartstrings! Maybe there was no-one left to hand them down too... Who knows?

    One of the pair of my eldest's first shoes, an adorable pair of navy leather startrite 'larkins' I had really saved up for, is probably still under the frozen veg section of Tescos in Shepherds Bush where he kicked it off. I spent about 15 minutes writhing around waggling my arms underneath the freezer to retrieve it but never did! Sniff! Xx

  13. They are so sweet. They are lucky to have found you. I am always amazed at what family treasures people part with. Tam x

  14. A wonderful find Julie, they are the most charming little shoes I have seen.
    Hope you had a good day at the fair.
    Abby x

  15. I love to draw items like these, they are beautifully made and just brimming with love and childhood and it always seem to flow across into the drawing so easily xxx a real treasure for you to enjoy.
    I am so pleased your clothes dyed well, I am so sorry I forgot to send you the pre wash....I am so dizzy sometimes... but you must do a post with the lovely shades on.
    Hugs Lynn xxxx

  16. Hello Julie

    These little shoes must have been treasured to have survived from 1869. Otherwise, they would have probably been passed-on to other baby feet and finally been worn-out. So, it is sad that a generation down the line let them go: I wonder why.

    On the other hand, how fortunate they are now in your sensitive care.


  17. Julie, I agree with the other posters - these are impossibly cute. It is sad to think there was no-one to pass them to, or no-one who cared enough to keep them. We have framed Elin's first little shoes!
    The note is interesting - it suggests the shoes were still in the family when the owner's grandchild was an adult (as presumably s/he wrote the note). What a shame it is not a more unusual name - you could try and track them down! Jill

  18. Hi Julie
    Just catching up after our holiday. The shoes are lovely - and, yes, how could you part with them!!