Monday, 16 May 2011

Dogs and cats......

New acquisitions from last week..... two Victorian, Staffordshire spaniel dogs, both quite different in style.....

One blind in one eye unfortunately...the other with a severe head injury.....

Yet from a distance they look fine!

Modelled as you probably all know on Queen Victoria's favourite spaniel "Dash"

They can be painted with red, black or even a metalic lustre.... but I personally like the plain white with the gilded collar and chain.

The little cat and kitten models I am pleased to see have not been in the wars.

Porcelain this time, not pottery.

I do wonder if they are supposed to be a family group on their green cushions...a tom with a kitten and a queen with a kitten perhaps?

Probably my imagination, but I do think the one on the right with the stronger stripes looks more like a boy and the one on the left with the softer stripes is a girl.....

Julie x


  1. I love your lamp Julie, love Linda x

  2. Hello Julie:
    The Staffordshire dogs are absolutely charming but our hearts have been stolen by the cats on the cushions. They are adorable. So stylishly posed and so very pretty with their kittens in tow. And, yes, we are sure that you are right about their genders. It's all in the whiskers as far as we can see!!

  3. Adore the dogs.
    Kudos to you for taking in the dogs with imperfect looks, makes them all the more charming

  4. Hi Julie
    OMG I had a great aunt with dogs like that on the mantle....yours look great with the lamp on your tale...♥

  5. Possibly overzealous dusting by Victorian maids caused the injuries to these dogs....
    they look quite happy now they are safe in your hands ;~) Abby x

  6. Oh I think you are right, the one on the right does look like a boy, and the other definitely a girl.

    They are gorgeous,even with their bumps, Tam x

  7. Hello Julie

    I think I may have the twin to your half blind dog: an identical twin. Although, happily mine has good sight in both eyes.


  8. They both look the same to me . . . . . . . . . . . . . Maybe I have lost it and need to get out more?
    Love H xx

  9. Thanks Julie, for your lovely comments and advice. I think I will just "go for it" but get some help with the food. Do you sell any of that lovely old tape that you have on your sidebar? Everytime I come on your blog I look at it and think I would love some of that! Have a great day, love Linda x

  10. The cracks only add charm and character to these beautiful pieces...

  11. Love the cats and kittens Julie, and I agree, the damage on the dogs only adds to the appeal. Have a great week.
    Jo xx

  12. They are all lovely but I am glad you have adopted the poor unfortunate doggies!


  13. Love the cats! Great expressions, both of them! The dogs are not my cup of tea at all, though I know they're very popular. Have a good week, Julie - Abby x

  14. Loving those dogs, and your lovely lamp.

    Pam x

  15. Thank you Julie for your blog comment & good wishes! Lizzie xx

  16. Thanks Julie for your comments. Shame about the tape, let me know if you find some. I would also love an old sign for my kitchen, if you see something on your travels, an old shop sign or something.You will have to wait and see what I am going to do with the lime green buckets tee hee! Lots of love, Linda x

  17. Love the old Staffordshire dogs, I have a precious heirloom pair that belonged to my Maternal Gt Grandmother - one is completely blind and the other has a poorly tail! I love the little cats and kittens, they're so cute :o)
    Best wishes
    Rose H