Friday, 13 May 2011

Little French pieces ....

Little French pieces from the " Frenchman" ....a tiny tin scoop, a tiny tin cup and a tiny tin whistle in the shape of a banjo on a French silk hankie.....

 The whistle even has a little chain for safety.....

A plated cake slice and two lovely mother of pearl handled knives with impressed PARIS on the steel blade.

Trying to decide what they were for.....table knives or for cheese perhaps....?

Regardless, they are incredibly sharp and so beautiful I think they will be staying for a while at Chez Cloth Shed...

Finally a little sachet in pretty French fabric for needles etc with a letter B label sewn sweet..

Getting ready for The Spring Fair @ Rheged, Penrith, Cumbria this painted, cushions made, boxes packed...just need to get it all in the car now....

Have a lovely weekend,
Julie x


  1. Very pretty....I am in France at the moment, had hoped to go to some vide greniers this morning but it is pelting with the loudest thunder I have ever heard. So your post makes me jealous.

  2. Lovely things, Julie. The pearl-handled knives are beautiful - imagine all the (French!) people who've used them.... Love the little needle purse too. Good luck with the Fair! I'm just off car-booting. Abby x

  3. Hello Julie:
    What delightful 'finds' which you have displayed so thoughtfully and attractively.

    We hope too that you will have a really enjoyable weekend.

  4. The handles on the knives are beautiful...
    very hard to part with such lovely finds.
    Have a great fair this weekend. Abby x

  5. Hi Julie
    Oh I just love the little tin cute..I hope you have a fab weekend at the Fair..♥

  6. Lovely little bits and pieces I especially like the little needle case. Hope you have a really busy fair, Love Linda x

  7. LOve love love the french needlecase xxx

  8. Oh you will need to breathe in to get all of that in your motor!!
    Hope you had a busy weekend,
    love Helen xx

  9. Oh, what lovely little finds. Interesting, pretty to look at and take up so little space ... perfect! x

  10. The cake slice and knives are beautiful - I am not surprised you can't quite bring yourself to sell them straightaway!

  11. Beautiful finds.. and you always photograph/present them so well! Hope you did well at the fair. Lizzie x