Saturday, 9 July 2011

Pandora's cardboard box.....

A little brown cardboard box bought from a fellow dealer at a Fair a few months ago, that I had completely forgotten about.

 All neatly wrapped in tissue reveal various layers of haberdashery....

Firstly....... bead work pieces and possible lampshade trims or are they flapper dress adornments?

Long fingerless black gloves and a piece of petit point needlework.

Layers of lace trim......

Some smaller pieces for inserts....

Hard to see when laid one on top of the other.. but taken out of the box there are flowers, butterflies and bows....

Very old, delicate bobbin lace collars.....

Satiny collars....

Modesty panels and jabots.....


And finally a most gorgeous silk and lace bonnet with a faded lilac ribbon.....

 Ideal for the Cranford ladies.....

Or was it possibly a bride's head piece from the 19th century?

Any ideas....

Julie x


  1. Gosh, what a treasure trove!

  2. What wonderful treasures, it must have lovely unpacking it all.
    I'm off to to a troc on the coast tomorrow - hope I find some lovely things.

    Love Diane.

  3. WOW and all hidden in a drab cardboard box..lace treasure that LOL..♥

  4. Beautiful pieces... Loved the Cranford series :) x

  5. how lovely it all is!

    The bugle beads look like lampshade trim with the calico edging.
    Are the dance mittens knitted silk?

  6. What a treasure of beautiful items. I just love the surprise of opening such a box and the wonderful thoughts and ideas which flick through the mind, like poetry, I need to write down my thoughts when they are fresh or I forget the inspiration.

    Cant wait to see what you do with these

  7. Hi Julie what a lot of lovley lace to find especially the little butterflies and the Cranford bonnets.Love Jill x

  8. What gorgeous treasures Julie. I wonder did they all belong to one person and was she a dressmaker? So fascinating! The Bonnet is just so delicate and pretty, and all that lovely lace. What will you do with it? Many thanks for your interesting comments. Have a lovely weekend, love Linda x

  9. Treasures form another era...........the tales they could tell, particularly the beautiful bonnet.

    Claire :}

  10. This is the box of wonders,
    Julie, a real treasure from the past.
    As soon as I saw the cuff I thought to
    Cranford ladies, too, is a
    real beauty!
    good Sunday
    Suzy x

  11. What a lovely treat Julie, such beautiful things. I was once sent a box of old lace from a distant Aunt and I have never forgotten the fun of unpacking layers upon layers of treasures! Jane x

  12. What a treasure trove! How lovely to reveal it all layer by layer, the very best kind of parcel. I think the Cranford ladies would have squealed at such a wealth of lace! Thank you so much for visiting the Lane. Mr.Boodle (cocolate lab sends you wags and kisses too!)

    Sarah x

  13. Dear Julie,

    HOw lovely to find this box "all over again"! I do this sometimes, or just rediscover something in a cupboard I had forgotten I had, and it almost feels like Christmas, finding this "new" treasure.

    Lovely lace in there and the ladies of Cranford would certainly had been thrilled to find your box.

    Love your dyeing outcomes in an earlier blog post - great colours and clothes like new!

    Wishing you a lovely summer,

  14. Most have been a wonderful surprise when you opened the box.
    Beautiful laces and the bonnet....just superb!
    Greetings from Périgord,

    P.S. Yes, our Gite is for rent!