Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Sweet peas and Mr Waitrose....

The sweet peas I planted in the dead camellia skeleton a few months ago are finally flowering.
If you remember, they were called "Royal family" which I thought would be a patriotic mix of red, white and blue....and I think that is what I have, white and purple.....

They smell divine so I have cut some for a simple bud vase and put it on the bedside table.

The little feathery bits are the tiny pieces left over from flowers bought at Mr Waitrose yesterday.
Unable to grow Larkspur and Nigella in my garden, I discovered two fat bunches of these English grown, gorgeous flowers for just £2.99 each.

Enough to fill a tall enamel jug in the hall....

A large white jug on the landing.....

And the green French enamel jug in the covered porch where I keep my ever changing "rubbish" garden stock as you know.

 Finally, a little's mystery object amongst the "rubbish" is this .....

Any ideas?

( Little must look upwards to find one. )

Julie x


  1. Great post.
    Not a clue as to mystery object.

    Your flowers are so beautifully arranged. I want some

  2. I think its to keep lightining strikes away ?
    Love the flowers, I'm watching the cornflowers gradually growing at the edge of my vegetable garden.

    Diane. x

  3. We have one of those objects too...... and I can see another still in use by looking out of our window.......... but I shall keep everyone else guessing.

    Beautiful flowers...........

  4. Your flowers are so beautifully arranged. Lovely blog.

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  5. Twenty three things (well nearly!):-
    Purple is a very Royal colour.
    Larkspur pops up everywhere in my veg garden (I'm posted pictures on my blog TODAY).
    I'm in love with Mr. Waitrose.
    Do we get a prize for a correct answer?
    AND I think it's a weathervane knob.

  6. Your flowers look so lovely Julie. I love sweetpeas but we live so near to the fields that during the summer months they are infested with those tiny thrips..not a good look :o( so I don't grow any now.
    The ways and places you have displayed your flowers are so beautiful - your home must be lovely!
    I think your mystery is the top from a cupola, but I'm probably wrong!
    (I've only just seen they you would like a powder blue Aga - me too)

  7. Flowers in jug look lovely. Try sowing seeds for Larkspur and Nigela late Aug /Sept they grow so much stronger and do last (even in a harsh winter)

  8. I don't know what it is but I like it ;-)

    Shame you can't grow love in the mist....

  9. Is it to keep the devil off your roof? I have a wooden one on my porch, and someone once told me that's what it was for . . . . . . what's more I believed them !!

  10. I love all your 'rubbish' and the painted pieces... I'm looking for grey shutters just like that are they French?

    I've never seen anything like that before so have no idea :) x

  11. Hi Julie, your sweetpea look fabulous, and garden flowers in jugs are my favourite type of arrangements. Do you have a Waitrose near you? I thought they were only south of the border? I wish we had one! Have a lovely Sunday and thanks for your comments, we had a very relaxing holiday and really struck it lucky with the weather. Love Linda x oh I nearly forgot, is your mystery item a decorative top for a flagpole?

  12. Your flowers are gorgeous. I love the red toile I spy there, it's stunning.
    Pam x

  13. Beautiful flower 'arrangements'! Like from a real country farmers garden. Love it!
    The object....
    I'm sure that it is a finial, but do not know what kind. Never saw one like this, must be English, or???
    Great post with lovely pictures!
    Best wishes for a sunny and good week
    and greetings from Périgord,