Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Antique birthday....

The Antiques, Vintage and Retro Fair yesterday at Hexham, Northunberland was the 250th consecutive event, with not one missed since 1991...quite a feat considering, snow, floods and extensive building work at Wentworth Leisure Centre  have caused a few headaches over the years.

For a midweek Fair it is always extremely busy with both trade buyers and members of the public...

And as a way of thanks....complimentary cake and sherry were provided for everyone and three lovely, long standing lady exhibitors were invited to cut the cake....

Julie x


  1. Congratulations Julie, that is quite a feat. The fair does look fantastic, I am really going to have to try and get up to Northumberland this year. Did you have much white stuff?
    Jo xx

  2. When I see all this stuff I'd like to come along.
    Delicious looking for something beautiful, I'm very jealous.
    But nice that you showed it here.
    And Of course, congratulations!!!!!!
    With warm regards,

  3. Hi Julie,
    A lovely welcome of cake and sherry for two first time visitors. We loved the fair and
    bought some lovely things. I am the very happy owner of the french postal sack now reclining on my bamboo ladder in my sitting room! Regards, Jayne

  4. Who is the dashing young chap alongside the ladies??

  5. SHERRY !!!! CAKE !!! I can assure you Julie, that no amount of snow or water would prevent me coming to an event like that if I knew beforehand.
    Sounds like it went really well.
    Congratulations, you were obviously very modest about your organisational skills when we met. Hope you've had time to put your feet up.

    Joasia x

  6. Gosh, Mr C is looking good for 250 :) Congratulations!
    Where is the picture of The Cloth Shed head?!
    Abby xx

  7. How I wish I could persuade Mr N to venture up to the Hexham fair these days! I used to LOVE this event - your photos made me green with envy. (Surely you are MUCH too young to have been attending since 1991!)
    Nilly x

  8. How wonderful that this fair has been going so long, who says Vintage is a new word!!! Have a lovely weekend, Is it snowing in your part of the world, we seem to have freezing fog here! ugh!