Wednesday, 15 February 2012


I am pleased to say that I seem to have mastered my Annie Sloan painting technique....I think Essie from Pingere Antiques hit the nail on the is best used for really shabby pieces, as it distresses so well.
Some of you might remember the white urn, which has now been given a quick coat of French linen....sanded back....then  finished with clear wax.

I'm impressed.

The same for this Georgian mahogany chair, which sometime in its long life had received the most unflattering, shiny treacle varnish.

The thought of stripping it was a complete "no no"....

So, inspired by the idea of no sanding or prepping as it says on the tin, I applied two coats of chalk paint, sanded it and waxed it.

The drop in seat I re-upholstered with a grey Kate Forman check....slightly wonky...but it does look a lot better.
So doubly impressed...Thank you Annie!

The "Georgian" pine cabinet I showed you a while ago....was actually a TV cabinet with fold back doors and holes in the back board for the cables.

I had the back board repaired, a new shelf fitted, the fold back doors removed and re-hung with new hinges....

Painted inside with Farrow and Ball French Gray and the exterior in Old White.

Distressed and waxed....

And transformed into a useful cupboard for the bedroom... or the bathroom... or the kitchen...or even the sitting room.

Now where can I put it?

Julie x


  1. No sanding or prepping - sounds like my sort of paint! And the chair looks great. If we meet at the Gateshead fair on Sunday I would like some advice on floor paint please!
    nilly x

  2. Great improvements... I really like using Annie Sloan paints too.... enjoy!

  3. Gosh Julie, you have been busy!
    What some great pieces, I love them all.
    Thank you for the mention!
    Essie x

  4. Julie, they looks so lovely - you've made a great transformation on both pieces.
    I have pine in the dining room, and though I like it I feel after all these years like a change - BUT, taking that first step is worrying...your post has just edged me a little closer to taking the plunge!

  5. Julie come down here I have a huge chiffonier with very intricate overmantle and the Annie Sloan paint, just not the will!!!!
    It all looks beautiful.
    T x

  6. You always make such a good job of 'covering up' pieces. The cabinet looks so much better now, I am sure you can find a spot for it ;)
    I wonder if Annie Sloan does face paint?!
    Looking forward to Friday, Abby xx

  7. You could pop it in my kitchen ha ha ! isn't it divine paint and you are doing some gorgeous painting with it xxx

  8. Maybe I'll give A S paint another go. Its true , the fact that you don't have to sand back too much is priceless.
    You have woken these pieces up Julie, they look great!

    Keep on painting and inspire us some more.

    Joasia x

  9. You have certainly made the pieces now very special, I once went on an Annie Sloane paint course, it was very helpful but I have to admit returning to the old faithful FB paint.
    look forward to seeing more projects

  10. What wonderful makeovers and my favourite is the cabinet. I can see what you mean about it depending on the actual effect one wants to achieve but because I just LOVE F & B's French Gray then I'll probably stick to what I'm used to. When I went on a furniture painting course in Dorking we were taught to finish with scumble glaze mixed with burnt umber but recently I, too, have used wax instead.
    Ruth xx

  11. Hi Julie,

    Absolutely love what you've done to the georgian chair - it looks super!
    There's an award for you on my latest post!


  12. What a versatile cabinet - you could put it anywhere, which probably makes finding a spot for it all the more difficult! Love the chair.

  13. I love the chair and also the cabinet in F& B finishes.
    thanks for sharing

    helen xx

  14. May I suffest you remove the word verification from your blog. It took me three efforts to get my comment accepted.
    Blogger is playing a trick on us?

  15. Oh that's gorgeous that cabinet Julie, you do have an eye for a bargain don't you?
    Much love
    Helen xx

  16. Hi Julie, my you have been busy! Everything looks great. I think the chair is the biggest! I love the big cupboard too and I am sure you will squeeze it in somewhere. Lots of love, Linda x

  17. Oooh I do like that cupboard painted.....maybe I should do mine, I did plan on painting it when I bought it....I think Euan would kill me though...I paint something and then a year later, ask him to help me strip to back to the wood!!It looks like a cute little armoire.I also love the chair- you did the distressing around the edges really well. xx

  18. Hi Julie, just stopping by to say how delightful your blog is. Thanks so much for sharing. I have recently found your blog and am now following you, and will visit often. Please stop by my blog and perhaps you would like to follow me also. Have a wonderful day. Hugs, Chris