Saturday, 25 February 2012

Grey metalware and a splash of colour....

Vintage tins en masse in an ironstone tureen....

Pewter and Britannia metal....

A simple heart....

The skeleton of an old lampshade without its fabric...

A tiny iron shoe last....

Fine wirework....

And old, wire plate hangers masquerading as "fat sheep".

French keys on a hook.....

Wonky, wire potato baskets....

And a tiny one cup teapot perched on a metal document box.

All grey metal.....until the box is opened to reveal...a fabulous red interior.

I often wonder if it was deliberately painted this a "red" reminder to the owner of important documents, that the box was open
was it really just  for secret love letters and trinkets?

Let you decide...

Have a lovely weekend,
Julie x


  1. Beautiful object. I have a collection of heirloom pewter, collected by my late father whilst in England during WW2. I love it and display it in my kitchen
    The interior of the box is marvelous. I love it- you pose an excellent question and I shall ponder that too


  2. Heaven in a group of photos!! I especially love the vintage tins. Suzy x

  3. yay for love letters & trinkets- nothing as boring as important documents!

    I've had a lampshade sans "shade" perched on a standard lamp for ages but have now got a bit tired of people asking me when I'm going to cover it, and replying "but I just have, don't you like the fabric"??!
    A touch of The Emperor's New Lampshade!

    have a lovely weekend

  4. Oh I love it all! Can I ask if any of the tins are marked Raisley? I bought 12 at the antiques centre when on holiday in Northumberland and the man who bought them from me was thrilled with them but wanted 18! I just wondered if they are whether you would want to sell to him. I don't think I could part with any of this though.
    Ruth xx

  5. It really is a very vibrant red! Love the little shoe last - gorgeous!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  6. Julie are you selling the chicken wire tea-pot?

  7. Having a tin envy meltdown! Are any for sale?
    Your hopefully,
    Katie x

  8. Gorgeous Julie, I love your style.
    I would also love to know if any are for sale. I'm sorry that Cumbria is so far from me! or do you sell online?
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend,
    Essie x

  9. Sorry Helen, Julie is not selling the chicken wire tea-pot. I tried to stuff it up my jumper last time I was in her house but she frisks me now when I leave ;)

    Julie, I love the red inside the metal box... maybe it was made by Christian Louboutin!

    How your day went ok
    Abby xx

  10. Of course I meant to write... Hope your day went ok. Really need new spex!!!! xx

  11. Hope you had a lovely Birthday julie, and where did you find all these goodies, they're fab. I love the simplicity of the tins in the tureen. The contrasts are great. You're such a romantic with regards to that red box...The shoe last is gorgeous.

    Joasia x

  12. I was drooling over those tins and then I saw "the box" - wow! I love the red interior and think that it must have been for storing the steamy love letters.



  13. Hello Julie, Such an interesting post. It's amazing how collections of things become more appealing isn't it? I love the red box, it's so dramatic. Jane x

  14. A fabulous collection, but my favourite has to be the "fat sheep", they really made me smile!

  15. What a lovely surprise at the end of all that lovely grey's got to be red for LOVE!! A great post Julie, and thanks so much for the pic you sent me! Love Linda x

  16. Another great post, I especially like the box with the bright red lining, I would like to think it was for love letters, but probably for important documents! The plate wires which look like fat sheep are just great. Sometimes it is simple things put together which can be so evocative to the eye.
    have a lovely week.

  17. ooooh, so much vintage metal loveliness here! I'd love to use the tins as candle holders, are you selling them Julie? Are you beginning to hear the clamour for an online shop?! Hope you had the gorgeous spring day in Northumberland? Bxxx