Friday, 10 February 2012

Opening the tin......

A green ( I know... it looks blue in the photo ) painted pine shelf has been the first piece of furniture to get the Annie Sloan "French linen"paint treatment at Chez Cloth Shed...

Sanded back to reveal the underneath green colour....then polished with clear wax.

A small, gold convex mirror and little tray also received the A.S. treatment too...

Now.... it could be that I was painting in sub zero temperatures in the garage yesterday....not good.... but I did find it too thick and gloopy straight from the tin and also it started to drag and clump as I brushed  over previously painted areas. Consequently I diluted it with a little water.... which obviously helped the application.
I will persevere with it of course, but I think for small pieces it is fine and for larger pieces of furniture... I will be sticking to my eggshell or emulsion and wax Farrow and Ball.

A pretty single eiderdown and two quite different biscuit barrels from Tuesday complete the new stock pictures.

And finally, I just had to buy this battered tin sign for the secret is now out!

Have a good weekend, and stay warm,
Julie x


  1. I painted a small bookshelf earlier in the week - went on very well - I didn't have to dilute but I had problems waxing it afterwards until I remembered dipping the cloth into white spirit first.
    I guess what gives it Brownie points for me is how fast the turn-a-round is but I am not gushing about it. The colour - French Linen is very nice.
    I can't really prep because I have weak hands (and some might even say a weak mind) so slapping it on but still getting a good result is another tick in the box.

  2. Hi Julie,
    It very refreshing to hear you saying that about the Annie Sloan paint, I also have problems with it clumping if you overpaint too soon. (I thought it was just me!) I do find its chalkiness works well on really 'shabby' pieces since it distresses well but F&B certainly has a 'smarter' look in my mind. I was thinking of also trying out Earthborn & Little Greene in the spring. Its much too convenient for me to buy Annie Sloan at the Mill and I've made a conscious decision to stop doing that for now!
    Super sign, I love it!! The eiderdown looks gorgeous.
    Have a good weekend too, Essie x

  3. Love the pine shelf. Strange how sometimes no matter how hard you try certain colours just wont show true with camera. Suzy

  4. Hi Julie,
    What a nice shelf and beautiful barrels.
    The mirror is still on my wish list!!
    Yesterday I received a beautiful pewter tureen from England so beautiful, I love it!!!!!
    With warm greetings from the Netherlands,

  5. The painting turned out beautifully Julie and I love your new sign. Those Toile cushions on the Hungarian bench look familiar...... Have a lovely weekend.
    Jo xx

  6. Tee hee! I love the sign. Your furniture looks well.It is a long time since I have used Annie Sloan paint, but I am inclined to agree with you about F&B, and I also love Little Greene.

    Many thanks for you kind words. I'm not sure that Lois wouldn't rather have something from the shop, but hopefully when she looks back she will have fond memories of her mad mother, baking, painting, flower arranging and furniture moving!! Have a great weekend, love Linda x

  7. Hi julie
    Just love the sign LOL..I have a couple of chairs just waiting for the Chez Cloth Shed treatment if you have a spare the finish..XX

  8. Well with all your issue the cupboard looks beautiful and that sign is just a classic. I will also follow on my way out because I know for sure I will enjoy engaging and supporting your special place now I have found you. I hope you will find a little time to come visit me soon. Cheers SpecialK XoXo

  9. Hi Julie, many thanks for your comments, you are kind. Painting these cupboards take time! Have a restful Sunday, love Lois x

  10. Hee, hee, I love your sign,

  11. Julie,
    I love that sign! I want one!
    You've done a great job on that shelf. I've used Annie Sloan before and found same problems. Other issue was the fact that the colour changed quite dramatically , in depth, after waxing. I still use it on some pieces but have returned to F&B and Little Greene Co. as their palette is not only beautiful but the waxed finish is close to the original colour.
    That eiderdown looks sooo cosy, I could do with it right now.
    Keep warm

    Joasia x

  12. The shelves look fabulous! You were right to thin the paint with water. If it drags on the second coat it is because it's still too thick, so thin again with water. If you then want to thicken the paint later, leave the lid off the tin. If you use polyvine wax finish varnish instead of AS wax, the paint will not change colour and it is a lovely product to use. Kx