Saturday, 24 July 2010

simple white china.....

I do like white fact it appears to be spreading rapidly around the kitchen at the moment.....

The modern Harrods jug is home to some vintage Harrods cutlery.....

 Quality A1 silver plate, yet I have never used it.......why?

Victorian china buckets.........

Dairy jugs alongside a massive white plate........

Old and new...........the shapes speak for themselves without any adornment.

You know..... the thought of an all white house is extremely tempting......white walls, paintwork, calm and tranquil.

foster house

foster house

Beautiful...... yet knowing me, I would get bored and would want to start adding some colour........

Red perhaps?

I do like red in a room......

Have a restful week,

Julie x


  1. oh, I was so pleased to see your post...I "outed" my mix n match "harlequin" dinner set and replaced with plain white bone china, and I've actually been feeling a bit disloyal about it!
    I do love the shabby comfort of floral prints (I kept a tea set) but somehow, a whole set of pure white looks rather grown-up, and certainly shows off food perfectly!
    You might like to have a look at Linda's home on ilovemyhouse, she's done it perfectly

  2. Use your lovely cutlery . . . life is too short!!

  3. Love the red and white, I am very partial to red and white also. I love a neutral room with a hint of colour. Toile de Jouy and flags always look great together.
    Jo xx

  4. Lovely blog ……lovely photos,i have enjoyed my time here.My friend Helen over at Rosies Armoire mentioned your blog to me,go take a peep at her blog she is having a free giveaway.
    Glad i dropped by .x

  5. I love to look at beautiful white rooms ..... but then my practical side creeps in and I just think about keeping it clean (yes, I know that's sad!!)

  6. All white looks so crisp, clean and organised. I love the idea of it, but I love accents of colour too, like you, red particularly.
    Your white china looks lovely altogether in your kitchen.
    Enjoy your week. Nickyx

  7. Hi we have finally gone and done it and booked a table at your New College Durham event on 30th August - aaaaargh have been sorting again tonight we have too much stuff already for a 9foot table. We will have to have a mock up on the kitchen table+ to see what it best to take. Gosh its exciting and scary as well. I wanted to ask you about some of the things I was thinking of taking, could I email you??

    Catherine & Alan Northallerton

  8. Glad to find your blog! I will be back.

  9. I love white too but its only found a place in my bathroom. everywhere else is cream (with lots other colours mixed in). love your little mannequins!

  10. I love splashes of red against white and pale Scandinavian colours.
    Will you be at the Morpeth fair?

  11. We're so similar Julie, I've done that before, had a massive edit, united all with an off white and was back introducing colour a few weeks later. We underestimate the way that colour enhances our lives and a little bit of red brings that all important warmth to any interior.
    Isn't choice a fabulous thing?!
    Joasia x