Friday, 30 July 2010

Union Flag chairs.....

I wasn't sure when I bought these modern chairs from a fellow dealer  whether they would fit in with my old stuff.
The black "laquer" finish  ( mmm, I think black gloss paint )  looked a bit tacky.... but I liked the fabric.....and they were very reasonable....
Anyway, they have gone in the Conservatory end of the kitchen, replacing an old Ikea chair and now it all looks a whole lot smarter.
They are actually, surprisingly comfortable with their big overstuffed seats and padded arm rests.....even the shiny paint is growing on me.....

Have a good weekend,
Julie x


  1. Really these chairs are your best selection....
    wedding cake stands

  2. Love them Julie, they look fab
    Jo xx

  3. love them! and the black paint will soon chip and flake. at least they would in my house!

  4. Gorgeous Darling!! You have such good taste . . . . . .and and eye for a bargain love Helen xx

  5. WOW, fab chairs, they are lovely now but lucys right will look even better when aged a bit, i could lend you my teenager and his friends they would soon shabby them up for you!!!! bestest wishes,Linda

  6. Very smart and attractive chairs and I think the black woodwork sets the fabric off well.

  7. They look terrific in that setting - you could always distress the black paint a bit - hit it a few times with a bicycle chain!!

  8. Wow. I absolutely LOVE these chairs and they do look fantastic with the old chest and surrounded by light from all the windows!

    Good luck with your next fair and have a good few weeks until we "meet" again.

    Warm regards,
    Helena, The Swenglish Home