Friday, 15 October 2010

Check mate...

 The last few days have seen me acquiring more red and white check items...

Curtains.... cushions....a vintage hand stitched quilt.......

The French check bag with initials L J...... a little worn but so sweet.

It is the same type of French fabric as the "popover" shade I made.....easy to do.... just a rectangle of fabric..... hem one long side, then turn over the other long side and create a channel for the elastic.
Sew the short sides together stopping short of the channel at the top.....
Thread elastic through the channel and gather.
Finish with a length of ribbon or tape and popover an existing lampshade.
( These covers work best on a shaped /waisted shade.....rather than a coolie style shade. )

Et voila....a shade that no one else has.....

Julie x

P.S. More inspiration to follow....


  1. Beautifully co-ordinated ..... I often find I pick up one random item and then suddenly see lots to match with it. Reminds me I must do some stash organising as nothing is co-ordinating at the moment! Have a good weekend x

  2. Thanks for the lesson, it may even inspire me!!
    Tracey (she who does not sew).

  3. Oh you are an inpiration to me!!
    Love Helen xx

  4. I love red and white, especially love the quilt, the design is an Irish chain I think - gorgeous!!
    Jo xx

  5. I'm also sitting here surrounded by swathes of red-&-white check, as I've decided on red-&-white as my stall theme for my Vintage Fair.
    Just what IS it about gingham thats so divine? Is it because it takes us back to the Domestic Science apron & cap sets of our schooldays...I don't know, but I just LOVE it!

  6. I love the red and white - gingham never loses its appeal!

  7. Ah, lovely fabrics and a very pretty shade born out of your crafty hands! I can't help but getting a little bit of a Christmas feel with all these red and white chequered patterns... or is it just me looking for yet another excuse to look forward to the season of light and festivities...? ;-D

    I got an interesting phone call from Hazel Nolan the other day, by the way. I am flattered you pointed her my way - thank you!

    Wishing you a lovely weekend,
    Helena, The Swenglish Home

  8. Hi, great to see you again at the fair ,next time i willcome to your stall first as you seam to sell out quick, understandabley as your wares are lovely. love the shade ,very clever idea, but i adore your old french shutter. we will have to meet up to discuss our raid on Beamish ,I have a torch, we may have to knit balaclavers and matching striped jumpers and you could sew us a swag bag !!! I could move in to the 17th cent farmhouse at Beamish, so so lovely.. Linda x x x

  9. Love the red and white Julie. I'm trying hard to find a room at home for this kind of theme but I've run out of rooms (temporarily)!! Thanks for popping into my Flutterby Patch earlier. The slipware jug you mentioned was bought at the Cumbria Potfest about 5 years ago. The potter has a web site and this style appears in the traditional section.

  10. Your home is a dream come through!
    Every thing is just so, so, so, pretty!
    I can`t wait to see more!


  11. Hi Julie
    Me again, would you like to answer some questions? Loo from Jumbles and Pom Poms tagged me and apparently I have to tag four others. You don't have to if you don't want to, just a bit of fun!! See my latest post for the questions.
    Jo xx

  12. Oh that little bag is gorgeous - what an innovative way to make a little shade. I have a cushion cover made from a vintage check French quilt. Its red and white diamonds are so cheerful.