Monday, 25 October 2010

Nice weekend and some reading to do......

Just a few photos of my stand at The Autumn Fair in Rheged, Cumbria before the doors opened....

glass cake stands and dishes proved very popular over the weekend....

As did pieces of pretty, floral china....

Isn't it funny how some things you think will  fly straight off the table sit there all weekend..... and things you thought would be slow sellers are the first to go.....strange...

On a completely different note..... I have a wonderful collection of Jeanne D'Arc magazines and books to read this week before returning them to their lovely owner Pauline who lives in the most gorgeous house...High Barton near Lake Ullswater....with fabulous views over the Lake and and an interior to make you go WOW....

Have a look at her to see what I mean....... she does B and B too.

Enjoy your week....

I don't think I will be getting  much done with all these to plough through!

It's a hard life I know.....
Julie x


  1. Your stand looks lovely and I am glad you had a good fair. The magazines and books look yummy just from the covers so I can imagine the wonderful pictures inside them.
    Jo xx

  2. My visa card is glad I live to far away..I, on the other hand, am gutted!! I love the mirror and could seriously justify the frames. Please tell me they all sold?? Belinda x

  3. I am beyond jealous of your Joan D'arc stash from your friend.

    I did buy one this year but it was £16!! Sixteen for a magazine (albeit a very gorgeous one) is way too much in my book so I've contented myself with drooling from afar....until now!!

    Where did your friend buy hers?

  4. Your stand looks lovely! I know what you mean about not really knowing what will sell!


  5. HI Julie
    I strive to have a stall that looks as classy as yours, I never will even though I do try!
    T X

  6. Your stand looks lovely, glad you had a good weekend. Lucky you all those lovely interior books to look at.... I'd never get any work done either.
    Take care. Nicky.

  7. Mmmmmmmm, about time you put yourr feet up with a cuppa . . . . . . . Love Helen xx

  8. Lovely stall! And I too know what you mean about not knowing what will sell - we (traders) talked about this a lot at the weekend at a market - it seems its almost impossible to predict!

  9. Oh your stall looks truly lovely. I wish I'd ave been there.

  10. Sometimes, it's the thinhgs you take along at the last minute that sell best!!