Monday, 11 October 2010

A vintage sense of humour......

When I first saw this vintage linen tea table cloth it reminded me so much of  Caroline Zoob

 Delightful embroidery of children picking apples.....the girls using their aprons to gather the harvest, while the little boy does the hard work up the ladder.
Even the bunny at the side of the fence is minute upright on its back legs... the next, keeled over on its side.... or..... maybe it's running away?

A red and white cross stitch French sampler from 1934.......

 H.K. must have had fun embroidering the obviously struggling to run like the rest....then....oops....flat on its face!

 A predatory teapot with a desire for "getting together" with  the pretty little teacup and saucer.........

Oooh....the rascal.....

Don't worry though....he is currently being turned into a cushion so he can be sat on..... that will sort him out!

And finally...... this Victorian child's cup made me chuckle.......careful children.....

The Showman might not have a back on his camera......

Have a fun week whatever you do,
Julie x



  1. Love the emriodery - especially the predatory teapot. Such a wicked face!

  2. Love that top table cloth...... :O)
    I also read your previous post at the same time and am amazed that narcissi are available already!!!!

  3. Those little ones catching the apples and the little rabbits! That embroidery's fabulous. You find such treasures!

  4. I can't believe the fallen chicken! So funny!!

    It was like Caroline Zoob. I LOVE her things.I have her Childhood Treasure's book. It's a keeper for sure.


  5. You certainly have a "way" with a description! Enjoyed them all! ;o)))))))
    Vintage stitcheries really are the best.

  6. LOL! You made me laugh.
    I have a very naughty biscuit tin with hidden images added by a disgruntled employee - best not show the details on my blog!


  7. Ha, ha - don't let health and safety or Social Services see that cup! Love the apple picking cloth.

  8. Hi Julie - I've finally had a moment to catch up after our holiday! I love the falling over chicken in the sampler, and the predatory teapot. I had hoped to find some goodies in charity shops when we were in the Lake District, but they all seem to have gone 'posh', with prices to match! Anne x

  9. I love the cross stitch sampler, something about red and white. I laughed so much about the Victorian cup, it certainly cheered me up after having a bad day.
    Jo xx

  10. I'm so happy you found my blog as now I've found yours! The Chickens are hilarious and I really, really need the cottage at the top of your blogpage:)