Friday, 8 October 2010

MOO stickers.....

New MOO stickers from those clever people at

I buy mini MOO cards to give to customers at the Fairs and they are very successful. People love the dinky little size compared to standard business cards and I know they keep them because of just that ....

So I decided to order some stickers....not knowing quite what I was going to do with them......

The first page is a bit of MOO advertising......

The rest of the book is my own advertising.......

Initially, I thought I could seal my customers bags or tissue paper parcels, but they are, quite frankly, too good to be ripped off and discarded.
I can't attach them directly onto fabric, so I have decided to put them on my card labels with my Cloth Shed logo on the reverse and hopefully people can keep them for a little while longer.

Can you believe I bought narcissus yesterday from my local florist to cheer up this old tin cooking pot that will be going to Durham on Sunday.....a variety called Bridal Crown with an incredibly heavy scent..... but at this time of year....?
Is that possible?

Have a good weekend,
Julie x


  1. Your Moo stickers are lovely, I also ordered some in my own designs and use them on my parcels for customers from my Etsy shop. People seem to love them and have asked me if I sell them. I don't sell them but I am pleased people like them.
    Ann x

  2. yes, I have moo stickers and cards too!

  3. I love the Moo stickers Julie, they are fab!! I love the pictures you have chosen to be on them.
    Jo xx

  4. I love Moo products, you sticker pictures are amazing!