Monday, 15 November 2010

Grey Paris......

Grey clouds and drizzly rain all weekend didn't deter me and my daughter ( personal translator ) from  finding this fleamarket at Porte de Vanves on Saturday morning.

Some interesting things but too big to bring back in hand luggage.

So after a quick coffee break....

And a purchase of a monster meringue the size of a dinner plate.....

 We took the bus to Bastille......

 In search of some more French vintage goodies.

 This Brocante stretches out on both sides of the river with individual marquee booths.

Interesting displays but at Paris prices.....

Some more walking and the Palais de Louvre...... still grey and drizzly...umbrellas everywhere.

 By now I was flagging and the prospect of a sit down with a cup of something kept me going.
My daughter suggested Angelina..... famous for its hot chocolate.
Angelina is the equivalent of Betty's Tearoom and naively we thought we would pay it a visit.
But I think all the Parisians had the same idea that day......

The queue was so ridiculously long that we decided we wouldn't be joining them after all......posh hot chocolate or not.

So off again, passed Opera....

To Gallerie Lafayette with its twinkly Christmas lights against the darkening skies...

A quick peek inside at the famous dome ceiling decorated with a massive suspended Christmas tree....

 Then into the Food Hall and out again with this delicious cheese....only the French would think to make a heart shape cheese......

The next day was to be a trip to the Arc de Triomphe.....

Something I was unaware of was the possibility of climbing to the top of this impressive building.

So, 10 euros lighter and a heart attack inducing climb of the spiral staircase, resulted in a panoramic view of Paris...... well worth it for the view even in the rain.....

Then on to Montmartre..... up the furnicular railway to Sacre Coeur with more splendid views over the City.


Finally, a well deserved spot of lunch to brighten the miserable weather......

 Taglietelle with langoustine and a parma ham and rocket pizza......very tasty....

Then it was back to the Airport on the RER for me leaving my "baby" behind in Paris....

I now have blisters on my heels and aches in muscles I didn't know I had, but I have had the most fab weekend......think I will have to see Paris in the Spring now.....
Julie x


  1. Looks like you really packed it in and had a lovely time, despite the weather! I have 48hrs in Paris from this thursday and am wondering about fleamarkets, are the prices ridiculous?? Bxx

  2. So glad you had a wonderful time . . . . bet youre glad you didn't get new boots . . . . . just think how big your blisters would have been!!
    Love Helen xx

  3. What a great trip, glad you enjoyed it despite the weather.

  4. Looks a great trip, even with grey weather. We went to Galerie Lafayette one winter - it's amazing isn't it? Having daughters who move away can be sad, has its advantages - our eldest went to Milan for a year (trips there for us!)and middle daughter went and taught in Botswana - amazing trip there for us! Lovely photos - thanks for sharing!

  5. It looks like you had an amazing time Julie, and I bet it was wonderful to spend some time with your daughter. The flea markets and The Brocante look fab, especially the stand with all the material!! Did you make any purchases? If so, would love to see them. Paris looks so gorgeous even in the grey weather...Glad you are back safely.
    Jo xx

  6. I want to go ! that looked fabulous- mentally I can`t tell you how many goodies I`ve just bought- and that lunch yum !

  7. Oh, your trip was so different to mine. I was with my husband so we didn't go near any lovely shopping places. I wish we'd actually gone into Galleries Lafayette to see that tree.
    It's so tiring isn't it! We were shattered when we got home! What a lovely place for your daughter to live ... such a good reason to visit often!
    Love Kathy xxx

  8. I love Paris and after reading this I am getting very restless and looking at airline fares!!

    Lovely post, thanks.

    Pam x

  9. Fabulous! We went 7 years ago and I remember being so exhausted too, I could hardly walk but you have to pack everything in don't you? So much to see and experience.

  10. Oh gosh I'm jealous - Hubby and I went in 1994 but I would love to go back - looks like you had an amazing time X

  11. Looks like you had a wonderful time. I just returned from Paris...and I went to the Bastille Brocante last year. Too pricey for me, but beautiful to look at. Please, tell me about the straw cottage in your banner...lovely, just lovely.
    bliss farm antiques (a new follower)

  12. rain aside...... that looks like a wonderful adventure, am feeling a desperate urge to go to Paris now!!

  13. The rain obviously didn't spoil your trip. As for bringing things back as hand luggage - my son was once behind someone who was trying to take an ironing board on as cabin baggage!!

  14. Looks fab, even in the rain! What a pity you couldn't get some of your lovely finds back with you. A van trip perhaps???...xx

  15. Hi Julie,

    It was super to meet you yesterday. I couldn't believe you knew my name and I was thinking "Who is that?" - I thought you might be a business adviser whom I'm due to meet soon! Even nicer to meet you and find you, this marvellous blog (and your wonderful stall). Thank you for following me and I'll follow you with much pleasure.

    You've probably read from my blog that I used to work for a French Bank so know Paris reasonably well. My old boyfriend used to work for Eurostar in the early days. He even ran in a fun run in Paris around Versailles.

    It is good to enjoy the delights of Paris - lovely to see it all decked out for Christmas! :)