Monday, 29 November 2010

More white stuff ......

Thursday morning as you know.....

Monday morning and still it comes......

From inside the living room.....snow cushions on the chairs and an incredible fluffy white hat on the table.

The roof of the kitchen with a leaf sandwich.....

The weird thing with this early snowfall is that the trees haven't finished shedding their leaves....the Beech were almost finished but the Oak still has a good covering.... and under the snow are heaps of leaves I was going to clear last week.

Next door neighbour with orange shovel trying to get out of his drive.....and another very optimistic neighbour expecting his bin to be emptied today......mmm.... think not!

And finally....what happens when you forget to take the gazebo canopy down.....too late....snapped with the weight of the snow!

On a different note, amazingly, we made it to Kendal, Cumbria at the weekend for an Antique Fair.
Just a flurry in the South Lakes compared to here!
I bought some lovely things which I will show you on another post when I have cleaned and sorted them today.....
Bye for now!
Julie x


  1. We've escaped with only a light covering so far - but more predicted this week. If we have the amount you have we will be stuck in here for days as they don't grit our lane. It's so beautiful to look at - pity it causes such havoc.

  2. You have certainly had more than us, but we keep getting flurries today and there is a severe weather warning going out at the who knows what tomorrow may bring. Your photos are stunning.

  3. What incredible scenes! Just a dusting here, but my relatives in Bolam are snowed in apparantly. It is so early in the winter for all this, but your photos due show its beauty especially the stunning second-to-last one. Bxx

  4. Oh my goodness your snow is so deep .... what lovely photographs!
    We have a small amount but it's turned to ice and showing no sign of melting! I hate having to drive in it!
    Love Kathy xxx

  5. Wow, that's deep snow! Great pictures! Sorry about your gazebo! Yes, you could use the second to last photo as a Christmas card! Hope you don't get snowed in, or run out of gas / oil, etc.

  6. Oh my what a lot of white stuff. . . . . just the same here!!
    Love Helen xx

  7. That's like our snow! I have had enough now. x