Thursday, 25 November 2010

White stuff.....

A little light snowfall greeted me this morning when I drew the curtains.......

The Camelia sporting snowy pom poms......

I love the greyness of snow early in the morning......

In fact Northumberland seems to have received quite a dumping of the white stuff overnight....very pretty but not so good if you have places to go to.....

Never mind,  I have pulled out my trusty, all-terrain, sheepskin lined, waterproof boots from the cupboard to cope with it all......

A quick polish and I will be on my way......

Julie x


  1. It looks gorgeous Julie, I was rather hoping for some of the white stuff here in Derbyshire!! I know it's a nightmare if you have to go out but it does look so beautiful.
    Jo xx

  2. Oh you lucky things! My children are desperate for snow (again!). This year we are prepared with sledges so bring it on....Lucyxx

  3. It does look beautiful - especially in the trees- different when you have to drive anywhere in it ! your boots look a lot like the ones I own-they could do with a polish too ! x

  4. Wow, looks beautiful - hadn't realised so much snow had fallen. Take care!

  5. So pretty - I'm just praying we don't get any until after M-in-law's trip to the eye hospital in about 10 days (we were snowed in last time it snowed here). After that it can snow all it likes!

  6. Oh my goodness, that looks quite a lot. We've had about 6 flakes here in Cumbria!

  7. WOW! It hasn't got down here yet! Those boots look ideal - are they made by that fab Scottish company whose name eludes me just now (It begins with D!)? Brilliant that the leather is waterproof. The other fantatic boots, but more welly-like are by Ilse Jacobsen, have you seen them - cosy!! xx

  8. Good grief! That is a lot of snow for November! Looks very Christmas card-ish & pretty though!


  9. You've had quite a bit more than us! If we end up with as much as last year, I might have to invest in a pair of boots like yours!

  10. You are such a trooper!!
    Look at you . . . . . . . . . . with you snow flakes on your blog!!Love Helen xx

  11. OH wow!!! We actually got a dusting too! Rare!
    But you got some SNOW :) That much would cripple us for a few days :) I'd love it too.

  12. Hello, I wonder that all that snow,
    seems an enchanted village.
    Here it continues to rain!
    A hug Susy