Monday, 6 December 2010

The Christmas quilt.....

As you probably know by now I prefer soft muted colours in my home.... but it is equally true that I also like a "little bit of red."

 However,  this quilt  is quite a dramatic step up for me ....bright turkey red reverse with a frilled edge and the most fabulous selection of Victorian hexagons.

So as much as I love it, it really only sees the light of day at Christmas when the tree is up and decorated with an assortment of coloured baubles and lights .....and everything is looking very festive.

The rest of the year it is stored away in a laundry basket....shocking I know!

It has retained all its jewel bright colours even to this day and the patchwork selection of hexagons are in perfect condition.....

I never get tired of looking at the different's like a fabric sample book....

And I love the little Victorian children....

A real labour of love for someone long ago ....was it kept for a special occasion like Christmas or just stored away and never used?

If only it could talk.....
Julie x


  1. That is a real beauty, it must have taken someone ages to make, and was probably done by candle light in the evenings. The colours are gorgeous and the condition is fantastic. Hope you are snow free by now!
    Jo xx

  2. Oh wow, that is glorious, and so well preserved, what a treasure. Was it a family heirloom? Bxx

  3. That's fabulous - what a treasure! Amazing condition.

  4. WOW Julie .... to think that every little hexi has a story of its own ... please don't banish it to the laundry bin this year xx

  5. How can you bear to put it away after Christmas? What stories each patch could tell!
    Love Kathy xxx

  6. It really is a charming quilt - perfect for the time of year!


  7. What a beautiful quilt. I made one out of hexagons about 30 years ago and only used materials which had a certain personal meanings to me such as childhood dresses cut up, old curtains from previous homes etc. And do you know what.. I sold it! I so regret it! An antique shop paid me £40 for it in 1978.

  8. A fabulous quilt - it makes me want to do some more work on my hexagon quilt, which I started about 12 years ago!!