Sunday, 26 December 2010

Spoilt rotten....




A little bashed courtesy of Easyjet baggage handlers.....but they got here on time from Paris, no delays!

Cabbages and Roses.....AT HOME WITH COUNTRY...... gorgeous book with gorgeous illustrations.......

I really want that toile wing chair.....

And that side table.....

The sofa, quilt and cushions..........

And that sweet, soulful eyed JR......

I didn't get the chocolate labrador  but I got a black one....

And a posh pot of eye cream for a woman of a certain age......


How the hell does that work?

Never mind, slap it on and hopefully I will be 10 years younger.....

Hope you were all spoilt rotten too!
Julie x


  1. Wow - fab pressies!! Sitting reading your lovely books, whilst eating the macaroons and sipping tea from new mug can't be bad! I love Clinique stuff too! Are you sure Santa didn't deliver my presents to you by mistake?!

  2. Ha ha snap on BOTH books....and I even received a labrador themed mug which was a little strange as I have a springer spaniel....
    I'm reading Red Sky at Night at the moment....before I decided to check my emails...

  3. I presume your delicious macaroons arrived with a very special traveller ... well done Easy Jet for getting through the snow! Lovely presents ... I need a mug like that one! My black lab has spent the last two days sitting in the kitchen sniffing!
    Love Kathy xxx

  4. Great prezzies. Yes, I was spoilt with a pair of Ugg Kensington boots from hubby but though they are my size I can't get my foot into them. Soooo disappointed.

  5. Love the C&R's book....wonderful pictures!
    AND That face cream is amazing....I use it...and it does work!!!xxx

  6. Yes I was spoilt rotten too!! Lots of reading to do. Hope you had a wonderful time Julie. So glad your daughter made it over to spend Christmas with you.
    Jo xx

  7. Merry christmas and a happy new year. I'm a big fan of E B, love your labrador mug, and I might just have to invest in that lovely book, Lucey xx

  8. Looks as if you had a fab haul of pressies! All the Best for the New Year ahead! xx

  9. Lovely pressies - and if you get that chair I will have to visit you!!

  10. Santa has come up trumps has,nt he, you must have been a very good girl last year!I have the book its,fab isnt it? Santa was very very good too me also, i shall blog about it soon, love Linda x

  11. Hi,
    What lovely presents!!! That book looks fabulous, I'll have to check that one out for myself.
    I hope you have a very joyous and healthy New Year!

  12. Ooh what lovely presents you received! I've just discovered your blog and am enjoying the odd Hexham reference as I used to have family up there (and still have a soft spot for the place!). Wishing you a very happy New Year x

  13. Hi Julie,

    Wishing you and your family a super New Year 2011! Maybe we will meet up again soon? Hxx

  14. Julie, Happy New Year!
    Glad to see Santa brought you some Ladurée macarons. Hope you had a great time over the festivities. We managed to get to the NE (just!) and are now safely back in Paris. Come and stay again soon!