Thursday, 9 December 2010

Snowy Squirrel Nutkin .........

We are very fortunate to have red squirrels in our garden throughout the year and they are a joy to watch with their acrobatic leaping between trees.

But I thought these little critters hibernated....... obviously this one woke up feeling hungry.....

So....bottoms up,

Lets bury some nuts........ then forget where we put them in the Spring!

Right, that will do......... now up that tree........lets impress that little robin on the fence.
( did you spot him...... I didn't until I enlarged the photo!)

Check out the neighbours on the way..... one at home, must have gone South.

I can tell you...... I now know what it must be like to be a member of the paparazzi.....photographing him had me clicking that camera like a mad thing.

One minute he was there, then the next he was gone.....What a star!

Have a lovely weekend whatever you get up too....
Julie x


  1. Hi Julie, we only have the common grey mr Nutkins round us, a real treat to see the red ones. Dont know about you but am very sick of the snow by now,hard getting out and about, how did the fair go? dont forget to show us your christmas decs, I am sure they will be very stylish!! Linda x x

  2. We had red squirrels in south Cumbria until 1997 but we knew the greys were gradually spreading into the area and no one was brave enough to do do anything about it. Now the sweet little reds are a distant memory and I miss them dreadfully. Guard your little friends with your life!

  3. How gorgeous! We are far too far south for them, but we do have these really unusual black ones, jet black, and clearly fierce enough to see off the grey ones. Not as lovely as your red ones though!xx

  4. I too thought squirrels hibernated but after some research (Google) I discovered they just go into a tauper and wake up or sleep depending on weather conditions.
    Lovely to see a red squirrel.

  5. Lovely photos & how lucky you are to have red squirrels!


  6. No, only grey ones here too. Great photos.