Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Cosy, cosy.....

Well, that's it ....no more Christmas stuff to do....

It's cold and snowy outside, so I am going to flop on the sofa with a glass of red wine and a plate of homemade sausage rolls straight from the oven.
The cosy atmosphere of soft lighting, candles and the woodburner ticking away with its warm glow is just right.

This little baby has been on 24/7 during this freezing cold weather as can be seen by the ash piles on the front ledge and hearth.....I have given up tidying it....it is a working stove after all.

As for the dust on the furniture....I can't see it....

So, some festive pre Christmas evening shots around Chez Cloth Shed for you.
 The skinny cabinet and its tree branch lights in the hall.....

The grey cabinet in the living room with its ever growing collection of old glass, now covered in Christmas cards....

The clever but  "possibly a little tacky".... lights from B and Q which constantly change colour and are suspended every year from the wire sink light system in the kitchen.....

I love watching them twinkling away when I'm cooking..... changing from red to blue to green to yellow to orange....

Now all I need is my children to make it back to Northumberland for Christmas.....the train from London and the plane from Paris.
So please Mr Weatherman ....no more snow and ice!

Wishing you all a wonderful..... Cosy,Cosy Christmas...xxx
Julie x


  1. I am glad that we decided not to go up to Falkirk to see Stuart this week. We will simply have our own Christmas Day when we can finally get together!!

  2. I can't believe the English weather....worse than here in Ontario. Cozy is the key word. Seasons Greetings.

  3. Oooh, you've got a good collection of lovely cupboards! And your home looks gorgeously festive. Hope your 'young ones' arrive safely. Have a lovely Christmas! Abby x

  4. Your house is so lovely, I've said it before, I know.

    Fingers crossed for your kids getting back to the Northumbrian tundra!!

    Have a really lovely Christmas. Belinda xx

  5. Your house is looking beautiful ... I like the colour changing stars!!!
    Fingers crossed for the travellers ... I'll be pleased when my daughter gets here from Newcastle later today and then we can pull up the drawbridge and stay cosy inside!
    Love Kathy xxx

  6. Seasonal greetings to you and yours Julie. Hope your visitors arrive safely and you have a lovely Christmas. I am just about ready, except Alan must have missed at least one box in the loft of Xmas Decs. I wasnt going to bother much this year then I found it comforting to dress the house, so he doesnt know yet but he is going up there again tonight!! Batten down the hatches, pile the wood and coal an and snuggle. I am going for marathon reading and probably needlepoint.

  7. Fingers crossed that your children arrive home within a hitch to their journeys. I heard on the news that some people in Northumberland were without electricity so hope you weren't affected. I've never been to Northumberland but believe it is a beautiful county. Have a wonderful Christmas.
    Ruth x

  8. All is calm . . . . all is bright . . . all looks GORGEOUS . . . . . . Designer Julie!!! fingers crossed that your family get together, Love Helen xx

  9. Love the decorations Julie and your home looks so cosy and warm.Hope your children get back safely. Stay safe and warm.
    Jo xx

  10. Your home looks gorgeous!
    I have some colour changing snow globes that I wasn't too sure about .... but seeing similar lights have made it into your stylish house I can freely accept them now!
    Happy Christmas

  11. You have a lovely stylish home, I do hope that your loved ones manage to get home.
    T X

  12. That looks beautiful .... Merry Christmas Julie and Dorothy whose little face gives me much pleasure x

  13. Hooo! that warm your house,
    really delicious, even the lights in the kitchen
    very effective!
    I wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

  14. I adore those suspended lights in your kitchen. I have to find some!!

  15. I've never seen those!
    Honestly your home looks like it should be in a movie!