Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Georgian Chairs.......

I think I might have a problem with chairs......Georgian chairs especially.

 An Antique Fair in Northumberland produced these, courtesy of a lovely lady exhibitor from the Scottish Borders.

Beautiful patina with drop in seats, upholstered in a Laura Ashley floral fabric.

Then a few minutes later, I found these rustic beauties on a different stall.......

OK..... not exactly the same..... but similar style back....

Over 200 years old, with all the knocks and wear of previous generations...how could I pass pass them by?

Now I am in a dilemma,
My mantra of "what comes into the house must be offset by releasing something similar"...... is obviously not working......I want to keep them all.

One in the hall......

 One in the bedroom......

One in the sitting room......

The rest around the table in the kitchen......

I now have 13 Georgian country chairs scattered around the house, which is possibly a little greedy.

Some will have to go..... but which ones?
I really don't know....

Of course with Christmas lunch just around the corner, I will have to pull out the spare leaf in the middle of the dining table to accommodate everyone, so having plenty of chairs is important...
That is my excuse for now.

Talking of Christmas, I am obviously way behind everyone else with tree buying, decorating, present wrapping, card writing, mince pie making, guest room blitzing etc

Must get a wiggle on.....
Julie x


  1. I think you should keep them all, they are gorgeous, that mantra never works in our house either!! Hope the fair went well?
    Jo xx

  2. Swooning over the chairs...they look so lovely against a plain wall or mismatched around the table. Keep them, use them, love them.....or if you really can't sell a couple to me please!!

  3. If you have the room in your house keep them all.....and sell something else if you have too......can't they be a Christmas present for the house??
    Can I ask what paint colour the cupboard is behind the photo of the upholstered chair?

  4. I don't think you should move on any of those chairs - they all seem to have a very justifiable place in your home! They all look lovely!

  5. Keep them they are all lovely. We have too many chairs, but we keep seeing ones we like too.

  6. Oh, they are all lovely. Keep them all, you'll regret getting rid of any and how could you decide which? Just keep inviting guests around to justify having so many.

  7. We love chairs too - we have some super ones that we bought when we were living in Indonesia ..... I must think about including them in a post sometime!

  8. We love chairs too - we have some super ones that we bought when we were living in Indonesia ..... I must think about including them in a post sometime!

  9. Hi,
    I just found your blog and it's just wonderfully beautiful! I love the photos of your home, it's lovely.
    I have a bit of a chair fetish myself, I'm running out of room for all of my chairs now though, I guess I better stop purchasing so many.
    Have a great day.

  10. I love the chair in the sitting room - so charming!! Beautiful blog!

  11. I love the chairs, it will be hard to part with any of them. I also have a think for chairs and love getting a good bargain. I am your newest follower, feel free to check out my blog when you have a minute.
    Trish xo

  12. Ha! That's my motto too - if something comes in, something else must go out... but it never seems to quite work. Happy Christmas.