Saturday, 18 December 2010

Getting Christmas started.....

A fanfare trumpet from the wooden angel to herald the start of the Christmas decorating frenzy at Chez Cloth Shed.

Made of painted wood with a tin coat and wings....

She was a  bargain find last year at good old TK Maxx.

Standing on the floor in the shop, looking rather forlorn with her halo round her nose and her wings a couple of shelves away...... I had to rescue her.

I think the naughty children with the switched off Mummies had been visiting that day, wreaking havoc in the aisles.....!

Two vintage paper pom poms .......the type that fold flat when you have finished.
So big and blousy.

A batch of sticky mince pies that I know won't last long.....

And a little gathering of  festiveness....

A prim Mammy doll with an old hand stitched quilt dress and ice skates made by the very talented Maria at The Cinnamon Shack in Northumberland sits amongst the candles and greenery.

I just love her startled expression and knotted string hair.....

Enjoy all your Christmas preparations......and thank you for all your lovely comments, I will be back soon,
Julie x


  1. I love your style, Julie! Your house and decorations look wonderful. xx

  2. "Standing on the floor in the shop, looking rather forlorn with her halo round her nose and her wings a couple of shelves away" that sounds a perfect description of how I would look if I was a Christmas decoration!

  3. Nice job on the angel recovery! I'd like those sticky mince pies, please!

    Merry Christmas!

    ~ Debi in Bellingham, WA

  4. Yummy looking mince pies :) Love the angel (I love TK Maxx - they always have unusual stuff)! Your house is looking lovely. Have a good week. Abby

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  6. Dear Julie,
    A great way to "kick off" Christmas, indeed! I can see how she had to be rescued, your wooden angel friend - she is one of a kind!

    And your chairs, your CHAIRS - I really understand your reluctance to part with any of them. Particularly the second pair you show here, I would not have been able to leave without them! Anyone can see that they belong in your house, and certainly that must allow for breaking your rule...? ;-)

    Your house looks lovely and your wall shelf is so nice.

    Sending you warm regards and a special greeting for a lovely Christmas and all the best for 2011,

    (Sorry, saw so many typos in my first comment, I took it back to correct it...)

  7. Hi Julie,
    I adore your Christmas decorations!! They are so beautiful! I especially love the old mammy doll, she is just perfectly sweet.
    I hope you have a lovely Christmas and a joyous New Year.

  8. Hi Julie, thanks for visiting my blog. I love the cloth shed, it looks like we are in love with the same things. I will investigate further when I have time after xmas. Robx