Monday, 3 January 2011

Madam "Perma Tan".....

 This poor waspy waisted lady has had the indignity of being painted in what looks vinyl silk. Unless of course, she has paid a visit to a tanning booth over Christmas.....
The photos make her appear to be more of a dirty red/orange colour...... but I can assure you, she is definitely ORANGE in real life...

I picked her up at the Antique and Retro Fair at Gateshead Stadium on New Years Day along with some other nice bits and pieces with the intention of re painting her and the wooden base in a classy grey colour.

Here she is modelling a 3/4 Irish tweed vintage coat.......

 With a hand knit Fairisle tank top......

 And a cosy pair of sheepskin lined ankle boots from Draper of Glastonbury.

A dinky birdcage....

And some girly frames etc complete some of my purchases from Saturday.

I now have some polishing of shoe lasts, painting of large picture frames and possibly a re vamp of a mannequin to what do you or grey????

Julie x


  1. Definitely grey!! How do people do that, what a crime! Love your other bits and pieces too.
    Happy New Year.

  2. Grey!!! It's a nice shape though :) And I LOVE the birdcage!! How big is it? Where will you be taking it to sell? (oh, I sound desperate, don't I?!) That was a good haul. Abby

  3. Hello, just found your lovely blog. I think she would look loads better in a very classy grey. Loving all your goodies, especially the birdcage ... :0)

    S x

  4. Who, in their right mind, would have painted that orange?!! Bizarre!

    I love your shoe last. I've got a bit of a thing for them at the moment. I managed to find a high heeled version recently, which I LOVE!!

    You look as though you struck gold (or orange!!) with your buys - well done!

    Oh, and Happy New Year!


  5. Well I'm going to kick the trend here but I think she is a lovely orange foil....perhaps the base but her body looks fantasic as she is.....
    Happy New Year:-)

  6. I can hear her saying "please paint me soon any colour will do" lol. Love the coat, Lucey xx

  7. I don't think I'd be too hasty in repainting her. You may even come to love her in all her orange loveliness but if you intend reselling her then probably go for the safe option and grey.
    Happy New Year.
    Ruth x

  8. Definitely grey Julie, she will look gorgeous sporting a lovely F&B shade rather than resembling a WAG!! You certainly had some wonderful finds, love the frank Spencer tank top. A very Happy New year to you.
    Jo xx

  9. Stencil the mannequin with faded roses on an antique ivory background :O)

  10. Just back from Norway where grey and white rule - so go for the grey I'd say! Have a feeling you might love some of the interiors there.

    Gazing at your Defender as i leave this comment...sigh!!

    Happy 2011 to you, Belinda xx

  11. Hi there
    I love orange but maybe grey would be better!
    What size is the tank top, is it for sale & would you post??
    T X

  12. Hi Julie, thanks for the comment, I have trained hubby well (re ebay fox terrier) but its taken me 28 years!!! You do not have a hippo tummy,remember I have seen you, you look slim too me. the colour grey would look very classy on the shop dummy,a very you colour, love the tank top and coa. when is the next fair? happy new year, Linda x

  13. Another vote for grey from me............ Love the tank top and the bird cage, they are both just lovely.