Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Hats and dogs......

A very stylish hat by McCracken and Bowen, London, made for Jenners in Edinburgh with its original box.

I presume Mrs Moffat lived permanently at the Calendonian Hotel in Edinburgh as a number of "well to do" ladies did in the 1950's /1960's.

A pair of cute sleeping dog prints....

 And a strange sausage shape that is actually a plaid coat for a small pooch....

However, with the absence of a real pooch to model said coat, I improvised with a furry bear like handbag from House of Fraser which I rolled up and popped inside. 
Granted no head, legs or tail, but you get the idea...

All will be going to New College, Durham this Sunday 23rd January together with a couple of Victorian pewter tankards and a pretty plaid wool blanket in soft heathery colours.....

Two large C19 blue and white transfer print jugs

one depicting a hawking scene....

the other depicting an enormous dog with sunglasses and human features.....bizarre.

Finally the table has been painted......

F and B Light Gray.

I have put it in the kitchen for now to house the ugly, but necessary TV and Sky box.

I painted the legs and frame but left the top and gave it a good coat of pine polish.

When I have more time I will find a new home for it in the house where I can display nice things on instead of the ugly telly..

What do you do with the TV....hide it, stick it on the wall or maybe you don't even have one ?

Enjoy the rest of the week....
Julie x


  1. How lovely that you have a mini sittingroom in your kitchen, I have never achieved that little dream despite trying hard (bother the planning dept!). Your pretty table definitely deserves a tv free location. TVs are such an eyesore, not sure what the answer is, perhaps in a tallboy/cupboard that can be closed?? Bx

  2. Television - I have the smallest flatscreen possible, Michael tried to get me to have a large one so that he can watch the footy in luxury! I would love to hide the tv in a cupboard but i know that the boy would always leave the doors open & probably break them off the hinges.
    T X

  3. Julie
    You always display such lovely things - I want to come to one of your fairs! In particular I'd like the plaid coat - and a Jack Russell to wear it!
    Thanks for the second vintage postcard, Jill x

  4. That table looks lovely. No tv solution here I'm afraid, we're using a horrid glass stand that Mr BB brought with him and refuses to discard!

  5. The table looks great - well done. Good luck for Sunday - you've got some interesting things. The blanket's very pretty - and love the dog on the jug!! We only have a smallish flatscreen TV - not great TV watchers - it's in the front room. I couldn't bear one in the kitchen!

  6. Oh I have B & W jug envy ! I have a couple of dictionaries on B & W transferware would you like me to see if I can glean some more info on those two?


  8. The dog in the prints looks exactly like my wire haired dachshund (sadly long deceased). I laughed at your improvisation of a dog for the photo of the coat! I like the shapes of the jugs. You've done a great job on the table, I like the fact that you've left the top with its original pine.

  9. Hi Julie we would have loved to 'do' Durham this weekend but we have to try and dig Mam's house out of Dad's clutter and 'important things' he kept. Hope to do the next one will see how we go. Good luck with your gorgeous stuff (as usual) I got rid of my Blue and White a few years ago and regretted is straight away but then I love all the vintage pinks and roses and greens.......... in fact everything vintage! Is your 'head' one of the new ones from ebay it looks very good.

  10. Oh no . . . . BIG jugs . . . you are a temptress . . . . . . . . .
    Helen xx

  11. Another lovely collection - the hat is amazing. In our front loung, the tv sits on a big solid wooden unit, with spaces for the Sky box and dvd player, and drawers on the side to keep dvds in. In the back lounge, we have a wall hung one, with a floating shelf underneath to take the Sky box. As we both enjoy tv, we don't find them intrusive - I'm typing this while we are watching an episode of Colditz!!