Sunday, 9 January 2011

Full tank.......

Yes.....I am up and running again with a full tank, thank you Mr were pretty quick!

I don't know what it is about the post Christmas period but I have a great desire to clear the clutter and clean the house....
Spring cleaning in January helps me look forward to the new year and gets my head in order. 

Tidy surfaces.....

Spring bulbs to come away.....

Postcards of Paris I bought at an Antique Fair just before Christmas are now displayed on a wire heart stand from Helen at Busy Bee Studio  instead of a pile shoved in the drawer.

They are on my desk as a reminder of my visit in November 2010 to see my daughter, although the people on the backs of the postcards were well ahead of me....1906, 1908, 1909! 
No Easyjet then of course......

As well as "Spring" cleaning I have had the paintbrush out....
Can I introduce you to the re- vamp....... Madam "Lamp Room Gray" courtesy of F and B.

       The orange tan has gone and my eyes are happy.

She will now blend nicely with my stock at the Fairs, even the Fairisle tank top and tweed coat look calm and subtle.....

Thank you all for your lovely comments, I really appreciate the time you take to reply and to my new followers....I always wonder how you find me!

I hope you all have a clean, uncluttered start to 2011......
With love,
Julie x


  1. I'm exactly the same, Julie. Putting the Christmas decorations away turns me into a Cleaning Whirlwind!!

    I love the new-look mannequin. She's definitely a Farrow & Ball girl, I think! But then aren't we all?!! I think I'd look rather with a coat or two or Lamp Room Grey, if a little ghostly!!


  2. I so agree, clearing and de cluttering is a great form of therapy!! Love your displays!

  3. Oh she looks much better now! Isn't it funny how we all start clearing out in January ... I went to the tip today with about ten huge bags of rubbish..... along with half of Wirral. It was so busy!!!

  4. She looks gorgeous sporting her lamp room grey courtesy of F&B. I love your collection of vintage glass. I too am feeling the need to de-clutter and have a good clear out, I think we all feel the need to 'cleanse' after the Christmas holidays.
    Jo xx

  5. What a differnece a coat of paint has made to the mannequin - she looks very elegant now. I can feel a major tidy/reorganisation approaching ..... I did tidy the studio this afternoon (although I didn't get as far as hoovering!)

  6. "Madam Lamp room grey" looks absolutely stunning in vintage clothes, I'd love a fairisle jumper like that one. Love the postcards they're far too nice to have stored away, those hearts are just the right thing to store them on, Lucey xx

  7. Can't wait to start cleaning and tidying too (done nothing but sit in hospital waiting rooms the last few days!). I'm sure you're glad to be rid of that orange.

  8. I've had a good clear out / clean up today too! We're all at it! The mannequin looks much better - very stylish now! Abby x

  9. Unbelievable what a couple of coats of F&B can do . . . isn't it?
    Love Helen xx

  10. Julie, your *Madam* looks ready for the New Year! Funny how much that heart wire stand looks similar to my little tiny wire doll bed.

    Look forward to seeing more of you in 2011!