Monday, 24 January 2011

Wire work.....

My new addition to the kitchen shelves......a wire teapot from the lovely Abby at Vintage TeaTime

Now sitting alongside the wire cow with authentic udders.....

I love the silhouette shape of wire work against a blank wall....simple but so effective.

 Wire glove stretchers and a wire corkscrew.....

Handmade wire toasting fork with a "curly moustache".......

 And a couple of  cooling racks supported by the charmingly naive, rusty metal kitty with a squashed face......

Hope you all had a great weekend......I am still recovering from an extremely busy Fair at New College, Durham yesterday..... so this afternoon I am going to get those cooling racks down off the shelf and make this delicious looking chocolate cake from the talented Belinda at Wild Acre as a well deserved treat!

Enjoy your week,
Julie x


  1. Heyyyyy, thank you most kindly for the little reference there my friend!! Really hope the cake is yummy, remember lots of lovely whipped cream in the middle for extra delish factor!!

    I love all your wire work stuff, the cow against the plain wall almost looks like a pen drawing. You do put things so well together, my mum is fab at that tableaux thing too, but I struggle a bit. My arrangements always look a bit stiff I think, not quite sure what I do wrong, maybe too symmetrical?

  2. I love the cow, I have collected a load of old rusty barbed wire that I intend to use on a chandelier, in a sort of goth/dark way!
    T X

  3. What a teapot! Gorgeous! I the cow is fabby too!

  4. I'd love to try your friend's chocolate cake but I'm always put off when the infredients are in American measures. Do you know of an easy convesion from US cups to ounces please?

  5. Lovely things & so effective against a plain background.

  6. I never thought that I would say this, but . . . . . . . I have wire tea pot envy!!!

  7. I love all your wire things! The socks are finished - I just have to wash and block them, then we can organise a get together - perhaps in about two weeks time?

  8. Hi, Julie - your wirework looks great - love the cow!! I thought I'd left a comment for you here, but it doesn't seem to be here! Hope you're well, Abby x

  9. Glad the fair was busy, busy. Thank you for your blog comment. The caption on the mag reads "A woman's place.." ha ha. Lizzie x

  10. I have collected wire work for years and love it so. I will soon post a blog about wire artist from Paris. Where did you get your cow?
    bliss farm antiques