Saturday, 4 June 2011

Evening garden tour.....

The variegated ceanothus climbing the raised deck panel is covered in the most gorgeous scented flowers at the moment.
Last night when I was watering the pots, the smell was quite overwhelming.....

Such pretty blue flowers and certainly more than last year.....

The hostas are spreading nicely, but the day lilies are finishing after the longest display I can remember.

The rhododendron is still flowering like mad...

And my sweet peas are gradually moving skyward through the "definitely dead" camellia after their initial battering from the winds a few weeks ago.....

Moving up and hanging on with their amazing tentacles....I love how they do that.

A rampant honeysuckle along the fence...

And the lovely lace cap climbing hydrangea underneath it.....

The fig which I thought could never survive the harsh winter seems to be happy.....

Even producing two figs which always excites me, even if they do drop off before they ripen later in the year!

Finally a quick faff about in the covered porch by the front door with stock....

A constantly changing collection of "rubbish" I am told....what a cheek!
Better than a blank brick wall...

And I love these pretty violas potted in a small tin cake mould,  they do look good tumbling over the old glass jam jar......even if they are a little leggy.

Enjoy your weekend, especially if you are gardening....

Julie x


  1. Hello Julie:
    You have so much in flower in your garden at the moment and the scent, we can well imagine, must be lovely, especially in the evening when it is always more pronounced.

    We concur with you entirely. What a cheek for someone to refer to the collectables in your very 'designed' porch as rubbish. Clearly no imagination or sense of style. We should swoop them all up in one go. Perfect for in or out.

  2. Hi, Julie - I've just had my breakfast in the garden and then came in and read your post! Your garden's looking lovely - I was just looking at my sweet peas and marvelling at the way their 'tentacles' hang on! - I was trying just now to manoevre (?sp) one to go a different way up a fence, but it's clinging like mad, resisting me! I've got a pink ceanothus - not quite in flower yet. Your porch looks great!! Abby x

  3. Your garden is lovely but I love that Ceanothus climbing your raised deck. Although we have had a lot of dry weather I have found the plants this year to be bigger and better.

    Your 'junk' is wonderful I would love to own all of it! :) x

  4. Julie . . . . . . . . there's a big bin at my house . . . . you can throw all that "rubbish" in if you want!!!!
    Love Helen xx

  5. yay!
    have downloaded new Firefox browser and hey presto I have all my techy doodahs back!
    Lovely to be able to come over and comment once again

  6. No breakfast in the garden for us today... where did the sun go :(
    I always spend time looking at the lovely things on your porch before knocking on your door. So very tempting to stash it all in my car first!
    Rubbish?!.. tell C that the only thing he has taste in, is women!
    Abby xx

  7. I can never get enough at looking at gardens. Everyones little space for creative freedom. Yours looks amazing! I too have grown sweet peas this year after feeling inspired by your earlier post on them. I've had to grow them from seed, and they are coming on a treat! Lx

  8. Thanks for the garden tour. I'm not usually a fan of variegated plants, but that ceanothus is very pretty - the yellowy leaf really highlights the flower colour.
    And I had not realised that C was a man of so little taste (apart, as a PP said, in women!).

  9. Julie, your garden is looking very fetching . I love all your "rubbish" too! Love Linda x

  10. Didn't you know "rubbish" realy means "treasures" lol. Love the old jam jar with the flowers in, wish they still made them with such pretty labels, Lucey x

  11. What a lovely garden, I especially like your 'rubbish corner' and the violas, these mall flowers are such good value, mine have been flowering their little hearts out for months. Sheila B.

  12. I'm sure I could find a space for your 'rubbish'!!

  13. Hello Julie, I've found your blog too! I love the pictures of your garden and I too am excited by the new wriggles of my sweetpeas. I love your beautiful pieces on the porch, I spend many happy hours making up collections of things that please me. My children have long accepted my gentle strangeness....I look forward to following you in the future, best wishes, Jane

  14. OOoooh, a verandah??! Always dreamed of one of those! What a lovely garden Julie and your porch is so stylish, baaanh to the blokey comments! x

  15. What I really admire in your garden is the bigness, lushness of the shrubs. It looks well tended but bountiful. That ceanothus is so pretty, and that honeysuckle, must smell heavenly there.